Tesla Model X Rear Seat/Storage Revealed, P90D Ranged Upped To 250 Miles

SEP 17 2015 BY JAY COLE 70

New Design Studio Pictures Show What The Tesla Model X Can Accomodate

New Design Studio Pictures Show What The Tesla Model X Can Accomodate

Tesla Model X P90D Range Estimate Now At 250 Miles (click to enlarge)

Tesla Model X P90D Range Estimate Now At 250 Miles (click to enlarge)

Tesla’s design studio for the Model X has been updated (at least for those few currently able to configure their all-electric utility vehicle anyway).

And part of the new additional information made available is a couple pictures showing the cargo capacity/rear storage of the Model X.

I think we all had assumed that you could fit a bicycle back there (top photo), but now young adults working as IKEA delivery people can be confident dad’s new toy will also work for them in a pinch.

Additionally, Tesla has also revised its EPA estimate for the P90D edition of the Model X.  Initial graphics showed a 240 miles range, but that number has now been bumped to 250 miles – or about 20 miles less than what is estimated for the Model S P90D.

Tesla Model S Packing Some...Uh, Packages

Tesla Model S Packing Some…Uh, Packages

What immediately strikes us is the 2nd row seats. Tesla shows them compacted extremely into to the lines of the front seats.

We assume this was to give more vertical height allowance for cargo in the picture?  However, this essentially turns the Model X into a two seater when hauling the displayed load.

Tesla Model X Production Interior (w/visible panoramic roofline) - click to enlarge

Tesla Model X Production Interior (w/visible panoramic roofline) – click to enlarge

Tesla says of the new set-up:

“With its distinctive falcon wing doors and seven-seat configuration, Model X is designed to be even more practical than a typical SUV in every way.”

With respect to Tesla, removable and fold-down seats probably would have been a better idea than trying to reinvent the wheel in this case.  Traditional automakers have been toying with how to maximize cargo areas for a very long, so this probably isn’t going to be a better option in real life.

That being said, perhaps there will be another/plainer seat configuration offered for those who want them outside the early Signature Series options being shown today (earlier concept photos did show all seats folding down).

Alternatively, there may have been initial safety concerns with such a setup in conjunction with the Falcon Wing doors in early testing, and Tesla just needs a little more time.  To that point, we have heard zero reports from anyone in the know that a 2nd option is currently in production, but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t in the works.

Bonus (update):  The Tesla Motors Club has a lively (and lengthy) discussion thread on the subject as one might expect, check it out here if interested.

InsideEVs reader (Scott F) made this graphic illustration (below) of interior dimension estimates for the Tesla Model X.  Our thanks to Scott!

Tesla Model X Interior Dimension Estimates (via Scott F, published with permission)

Tesla Model X Interior Dimension Estimates (via Scott F) – click to enlarge

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Looks like a nice car to have for that trip to IKEA.

But then again, if you can afford a Model X, you are probably not doing much shopping at IKEA. 😉

We haul LOTS of IKEA furniture in our Model S. And the Model X is only supposed to be $5,000 more for a similar configuration. I did get a few comments when I took a load of stuff to the dump in the Tesla. But it did the job and was much more convenient than renting a truck from Uhaul.

I’ve taken old paint cans to the dump, among other things. No biggie.

For Model X owner’s kids when they go off to college.

After paying for the ‘mortgage’ for this car, there won’t be money left to pay for IKEA delivery. Might just enroll in Uber-haul to deliver other people’s furniture also.

just pay cash nimrod

Base price hasn’t been announced yet. Likely to be $79,000+delivery+tax.

This is why the VOLT should have a WAGON version, like the Subaru. More $ales. Also, the wagon version could fix the rear seat headroom issue.

YES!!! I would be all over a Volt if it were a wagon. I’m just not interested in sedans b/c I need the extra trunk space (large dog, etc…)

Here is my estimations on how the dimensions work. http://i.imgur.com/8YaKwNs.jpg You are welcome to added it the article. It may be too big for the auto expansion within post. The concern by many is that there is no way for a pass through to carry longer items (8′ 2×4 as an example) since the seats don’t fold. As well it doesn’t look like one could lay down in the back, to say, sleep at a campground while charging.

On a plus note, these seats may be more comfortable than what they could do with foldable seats. Also there is conjecture that these may be safer as the seats do not lock to either side of the vehicle (due to Falcon Wings likely).

scottf200 said:

“On a plus note, these seats may be more comfortable than what they could do with foldable seats.”

Indeed. We have a Chrysler Town & Country minivan with “Stow ‘n Go” seats which fold into the floor. Very convenient for hauling cargo, but the folding design mandates very flat seat sections, so the rear seats aren’t very comfortable. Since the Model X’s 3rd row seats fold flat, there will be the same limitation there.

The real question is how the Model X’s 2nd row seats are configured. I’ll be shocked if it turns out that these seats cannot be removed to allow more cargo space. Sure, there may be another option in 2nd row seats, a less expensive type of seat which will either fold or be removable, but it seems like a poor design to build a CUV in which the 2nd row seats cannot be moved entirely out of the way for maximizing cargo space. Other auto makers offer removable seats; why wouldn’t Tesla offer the same?

Well, to answer my own question: Because these seats are air cooled, heated, and are powered; that is, they have motors to move them.

I was hoping that the difficult engineering Elon was talking about was in designing the seats to be removable despite all that, but it now looks like that’s not the case.

However, I think Tesla is going to get a major down check if these seats can’t even recline for sleeping. That IMHO is a significant deficiency. So again, I’m hoping there’s some pleasant surprise in store from Tesla in the official Reveal on Sept. 29.

Where is Bjoern?

Ouch, that seat design would not allow me to use this vehicle like my current 4Runner. I often fold the rear seat, fully recline the passenger seat and carry 12′ boards completely inside the vehicle. When I need to carry 16′ Trex boards I can additionally roll down the power rear window and have the product stick out the back with the legally-required red flag. Beyond that, carrying treadmills, furniture, or even skis in the back would be a no-go with the X as these items barely made it inside the 4Runner. I’m also guessing the power rear hatch on the X wouldn’t allow me to drive without the hatch completely closed, while the 4Runner’s power rear window allows products to protrude out of the vehicle without having doors open. I also just realized the 20 nights a year my wife and I camp and sleep in the back of the 4Runner would also be no-go on the X…

What if they are all removable?

Well then . . . that leaves plenty of market share for other plug-in SUV designers to exploit.

That second row should be completely be flat folded,what we see here is a dissappointment.

– Now you loose at least 400 liters of space.
– You can’t transport long 2m objects.
– The falcon doors loose there argument for excellent access, since the second row is still blocking 50% of the way.

Count me unimpressed.

There is simply no way I turn in the Tahoe Hybrid in favor of this storage arrangement. MY VOLT also holds my bicycle with the back seats folded down…with apparently the same 2 passenger carrying capacity with the bike inside the vehicle. I do remove the bike’s front tire when using the Volt, but, since the photo makes it appear that the front fork is turned to accommodate the tire, I am not sure this arrangement provides ANY additional capacity over my Volt.

Definitely no sale for me if the full production line does not do any better than this.

…and if they indeed tell us that the space disadvantage is due to those blasted falcon wing doors, Elon blew it from the word ‘go’…no roof storage, mediocre internal storage…yuch. And I have been planning on this X for well over a year now. Irritated! At least I never laid down a deposit.

I am guessing people like us that camp, carry bikes and large household items are not the target audience for this SUV. Perhaps it just needs to carry tea and crumpets and nothing more.

Agreed. Like most luxury “SUVs”.. this “SUV” is meant for soccer moms (and dads).

You’ll probably have to wait for Range Rover for a luxury SUV EV/PHEV that can actually go off-road. 🙂

I have found that my LEAF meets my needs for most of my driving, but I cannot sell my 4Runner because it is my long-distance towing, hauling, off-roader. If someone made an SUV with the offroad and towing capabilities of a 4Runner along with a 40-mile all-electric range, I could have my cake and eat it too. I wouldn’t need the LEAF any longer as I could do my daily commute on electricity.

The X missed the mark for me, unfortunately. I knew it wouldn’t have the 4Runner’s offroad capability, but the Utility isn’t there. This is not a Sport Utility Vehicle, it is a Sport Vehicle with a soccer mom profile.

Sounds like you are waiting for Outlander PHEV.

Needs more offroad capability and more all-electric range. In other words, I won’t get what I want for many years, if ever.

If you mean an off-road Model X, yes, you’ll likely be waiting a lifetime.

If you mean a different EV, but equipped and designed for off-road, I think we will see that.

Don’t be so sure of your stereotype. Check out the thread at the Tesla forum that was linked in the article. People are mad- people that had reservations. They discuss trips to Home Depot that they could make in a Model S that might be more difficult or impossible now. At the forum, somebody posted a link to the original reveal of the prototype. Elon himself said, ‘All the seats fold flat; you could practically put a queen size bed in there’. There is a reason for the anger- promises yielded deposits and years of interest free money for Tesla to use. This was a MAJOR promise that appears to have been broken. The stereotype you discuss is completely off the mark of the problem, and the prospective buyer.

Thanks, that’s a good summary of a lot of the posts to the thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum.

I’d be mad too, if I had put that big a deposit down on a Signature Model X. As a woodworker, I often need to transport large pieces of lumber. I’m not expecting the Model X can transport a full 8′ x 4′ sheet of uncut plywood inside, as our Chrysler minivan can. But if I was in the market for an SUV/CUV, losing a good 1-1/2 feet of cargo space to seats which can neither be folded out of the way, nor removed, would be a deal-killer for me. Now, I am making an assumption here that the seats can’t be removed. But that seems to be a fairly safe assumption.

As it is, with the Model X being unable to carry a roof rack and unable to get the 2nd row seats out of the way for loading large items, I suspect we’re going to start seeing disparaging jokes about the X being a CV — a Crossover Utility Vehicle with the Utility removed. [/snark]

I see the Model X as a modern type of limousine or executive sedan.

I suspect that affluent families will be taking these crossovers on weekend excursions.

Restaurants, hotels, and resort areas could entice more visitors by offering a “free” battery charge.

The “body on rails” frame GM Tahoe is most definitely not direct competition for this crossover SUV.

There was a guy who wasn’t going to buy the Model X because it’s not rated to tow 10,000 pounds.

I really think people just don’t get it.

I am not sure you see my point, and again, I might recommend you go read the Tesla thread. When the Volt came out, I parted with a 2008 Highlander Hybrid and retained the Tahoe Hybrid. The expectation was that the Tahoe would see rare duty except towing one Volt back and forth to a seasonal home. In fact, the Highlander Hybrid had more utility for us and better mpg, but the Tahoe’s towing made it a better choice to keep. Well, I quickly tired of towing one Volt- mostly because of one thing- the horrible drivers I encounter around the DC area who cut you off when you need stopping room. The announcement of the Model X had me thinking about lots of electric miles and leaving one Volt at the NY home year round (in storage part of the year). I would simply drive the X back & forth. That means I need storage inside the vehicle, and it means removable seats do me no good, as I am not buying a separate set of seats for each home. I do not expect one-to-one replacement for the Tahoe, but I do expect a UTILITY vehicle and no other… Read more »

I have to admit I lost interest in the Model X when it was later revealed there would be no 2wd version as originally spec’d. It was cancelled very early on, so should I have put down a deposit, it would have been refunded after not much time.

But could you list in one column what was either promised or strongly implied, and in another column list the detrimental change that was made? Thanks in advance.

People don’t get it? I certainly do – the Model X is all about appearance. From the beginning, Musk’s justification for the falcon doors was the ‘cool’ factor.

Utility has never been the true focus for the X; those doors and the public attention they would draw trumped anything that would threaten their existence.

Now we’ve got to put up with all the ‘I’m so special’ narcissists making their big entrances at Whole Foods and shopping mall parking lots…

Thanks Elon.

The odd thing is that early advertisements for the Model X showed a flat cargo space behind the front seats, just as is typical with SUVs and minivans. In fact, according to a comment on the Tesla Motors Club forum, Elon even said you could carry a queen-sized mattress there.

Quoting from an apparently reliable source at the TMC forum:

From the Tesla June 16, 2014 comm sent to Model X reservation holders: “You’ll also be able to fold down the second and third rows to create a flat platform for storage. ”
[end quote]

Obviously something has changed between then and now, because the current pictures (CGI renders) suggest the 2nd row seats cannot be removed or folded flat. Lots of speculation as to why that is on the TMC forum, but since it’s all speculation, not much point in repeating it.

Looks like this won’t be cleared up until the official Model X reveal in two more weeks.

The guys in the design studio obviously don’t cycle. You would never put any bike with derailleurs onto them. That is all apart from having grease on the chain.
Tesla doesn’t seem to be too much into details when it comes to the use of cargo space. Then again, it’s their 1st attempt and they want to be different.

Is that a CGI/photoshop of a bike? It looks like a fixie, but it has a derailleur. I also don’t see any cranks of clips/pedals. But I’m look at the pic on a small smartphone screen.

Definitely CGI, just like all images in car ads these days.

Definitively not cycling folk!
And it got a derailleur, and crankarm, but the pedal is hard to see. It might be Speedplay, they’r the smallest and pretty good one.

Yeah, before I finally purchased a rack, I transported my bike in the back my car many times and my first reaction to the photo of the bike stowed in the back of the MX was, “Who the hell stows their bike like that with the chain side down? Don’t they realize that’s just gonna smear grease all over the back of the vehicle.” I agree, the graphic was created by someone who’s never stowed a bike before.


I was expecting more for a “revolutionary” seating design, than, “scoot the 2nd row up to get a little extra space”.

I think they should release a video of X vs a McLaren F1 0 – 60 instead of these storage videos.

Wasn’t there supposed to be something special with the second row seats? I don’t see it.

The official presentation is at least weeks away… I guess we don’t know half of it’s features…

Exactly. It is premature to get all upset until the reveal. At this point it’s all speculation.

“Someone out there” asked:

“Wasn’t there supposed to be something special with the second row seats? I don’t see it.”

Yes, Elon was quoted as saying the 2nd row seats were a harder engineering challenge than the falcon wing doors. It seems pretty obvious to me that there is something going on here that Tesla is hiding, and in fact perhaps they are intentionally generating controversy to get attention to their new model.

We’ll have to wait for the reveal event to see just what’s going on with the 2nd row seats.

For those of us with long legs, once again the B-pillar is next to or slightly in front of the left shoulder (or at least so it looks in the pics. Ain’t no fun climbing out around that thing.

With the Falcon Wing open, you walk; not climb.

I was referring to getting into the front seat.

One nitpick…

If you package the boxes without tie down, the top row of boxes will just slide through the rear hatch windows if you step on the Model X slightly hard or do a normal launch on a steep hill. (It wouldn’t be hard to do in a Model X).

Also, as someone mentioned, I assume the rear hatch windows don’t open as a seperate piece for longer item to stick out…

Yeah, it is NOT really an utility vehicle but a Soccer Mom shopping vehicle.

How many shoe boxes or hat boxes or shopping bags can it fit would be more important…

Do they understand that SUV owners have special requirements, like parking in the grocery pickup lane, with the AC running, while they run in to buy a few things. This won’t reduce my range will it? 🙂

In California, the white carpool sticker allows you to park in a fire lane. Right?

And/or parking in EV charging spot without charging!

Leaves room in Tesla’s portfolio, for a full sized Pickup Truck. 🙂

The bike is laid on the wrong side.
The chain and the derailleur, will spoiled the carpet!

CGI bicycles don’t need grease on the chain. 🙂

If you have the RIGHT bike, there is no WRONG side. I have no greasy chain and it is the best bike I ever owned.

Well okay it’s neet and stay clean, but you stay way behind.
This thing is heavy, use more energy and has only 8 gears.
Don’t you know real biker don’t care about getting their hand dirty, they just want to go fast and long.
I’ll keep my SL4 Expert,but I’ll put the derailleur on top!

No, you don’t get this bike to go fast. I am sure you could do laps around me…but I like the scenery. I get passed along my wonderful (former rail and canal) trails by a lot of folks who have one goal in mind- speed! But I get passed in a similar fashion while driving my electric vehicle. I have driven chain bikes plenty in my life…and kind of like electric vehicles, smooth can win you over if speed can take a back seat to just enjoying the ride. [Btw, a non greasy chain is just the side benefit…the smooth and brief gear change (without waiting for a chain to slide or flop onto the next sprocket) and no constant clicking at idle, are the real value of this drive.]

But my original comment was more in fun…I should have known some uber cyclist would make a stink. I would never use the term ‘cyclist’ to define myself…but I do spend a solid 6 hours on the bike every time I go out.

It’s just a perspective appreciation of it.
Even when you cycling at 20+mph, the surrounding could be pretty still if you are in an open space with gigantic scenery like montain, valley or else and some distance to go to get there.

Who cares that the second row seats don’t fold down, they’re “a sculptural work of art” according to Elon. Beauty before function. 😀

So it can carry a bike or a bunch of empty boxes?

I’m a little more than concerned that the X may just be a slightly larger S and is throwing practicLity out the window in order to look chique. You are going to need ventilated seats, rear AC and some storage compartments.
Mr. Musk. If you are listening. Please don’t let this company fade into obscurity over seats and cup holders.
You are our Hero simply for standing up to some very bad people. Don’t give up now.

Someone said on TMC that the Signature cars all come equipped with a premium seat option that does not fold. This seems similar to the “captains chairs” that you sometimes see in minivans and SUVs… they have extra armrests and stuff, but less practicality.


The basic Model X seats will fold flat and give you way more cargo room.

I hope that you are right.

“The basic Model X seats will fold flat and give you way more cargo room.”

I hope so, but Tesla has not clarified the situation.

if second row seat does not fold, than it is plain stupid and Elon took it too far this time.

Well, there is one solid bit of evidence to be gleaned from the Tesla Motors Club discussion thread: The controversial 2nd row seats are definitely an “upgrade” for the Signature, so there will be another type of 2nd row seats available for lower trims. For those who want to use their SUV to haul lots of cargo, hopefully the standard 2nd row seats will either fold or will be removable.

Here’s the actual ad from Tesla listing the Signature 2nd row seats among items not standard equipment on the Model X:


Top-line SUV trims always seem to be that way–they loose practicality and functionality for bling. (Example, huge rims with low profile tires on top level 4WD trims.) I hope you’re right that can opt for a seat arrangement that is more useable.

So these years of waiting and people putting down interest-free deposits on a car only slightly larger than an “S”?

I don’t get it. I’ve transported 55″ tv’s INSIDE my VOLT, a car that is supposedly way too small for practical use. And a 70″ one on top of my Volt.

What I don’t understand is Ford or GM. They could take an existing truck and add a PHEV option, and cleanup in EV land, since apparently there is nothing else affordable or practical in the marketplace. And what is taking VIA so long?

Maybe SMITH trucks (who only make BEV large Trucks) could make a smaller, say one ton truck.

Since they have a large contract with pepsico, perhaps the per unit price is dramatically falling.

Again, a 1 ton or even a small 1/2 ton SMITH bev truck would sell very well, provided they can make arrangements with selected dealerships. Then they’d have the market to themselves.

I also like the fact you can configure the battery size you want, for a price, as well as the charging speed you want, j1772 connector, etc,

Pepsico/Frito-Lay is as mainstream a company as you can get. They are apparently sold on EV trucks. That should help acceptance of future models. Then, every company will have to have a product to service this ‘niche’.

What no folding rear seats? You have got to be kidding me. (And I was ready to place my order). What happened to the “Utility” in SUV for Tesla?