Understanding The World Packages Of The BMW i3

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With the introduction of its first electric vehicle, BMW premiered a new way to bundle packages and options. Instead of calling them packages, like the other BMW series cars, the i3 can be ordered with a Mega, Giga and Tera “World”.

Since all the buyers are faced with these options, we decided to take a closer look at the “Worlds”.

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i3 Mega World

What Is The Difference Between The BMW i3 World Packages?

i3 Mega World

Standard 19-inch wheels; navigation; BMW ConnectedDrive; 7.4-kW on-board charger; LED headlights, taillights, and daytime running lights; and “Sensatec” and sustainable cloth interior trimmings. A leather-trimmed steering wheel is also included.

i3 Giga World – $1,700 extra

What Is The Difference Between The BMW i3 World Packages?

i3 Giga World

Adds Giga-specific 19-inch wheels; leather- and wool cloth–wrapped interior; (Giga Classic Natural Leather and Carum Spice Grey Wool Cloth); decadent contrasting stitching for the leather-wrapped steering wheel; universal garage-door opener; keyless access; a sunroof; and satellite radio.

i3 Tera World – $2,700 extra

What Is The Difference Between The BMW i3 World Packages?

i3 Tera World

Adds Tera-specific 19-inch wheels, full-leather interior (Tera Dalbergia Brown Full Natural Leather), textile accents with contrasting stitching, and anthracite floor mats.

The Giga and Tera World can get the 20 inch wheels for an extra $1,300.

For full information on packages and options, visit www.bmwusa.com

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The only thing “decadent” about the contrasting stitching is the extra $1,700 they want for it. Slight correction: I believe the Mennekes version of the car charger is 7.0 kw (10 amperes) and the stateside version is 7.2 kw (at 225 volts or better)

In addition, the Mega comes with black plastic dash, while the Giga and Tera come with Eucalyptus Wood dash. Also, U.S. models don’t have sunroof options at all this year.

This article would be more helpful if it also showed pics of the wheels that come with each package, not just pics of the interior.

Correction: any interior configuration can get the 20 inch wheels for an extra $1,300. I had them configured with a Mega interior.

The wheels and tires of our extended test drive Mega World i3 were the same size front and back. I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that the rear wheels and tires of our Giga World i3 are wider making proper tire rotations impossible.

The Mega World carpets are a very impractical light color while those included in the Giga World are a much more practical dark color.

We initially didn’t want to pay for the Giga World upgrade but couldn’t find a Mega World i3 with our desired packages and options. But now that we have a Giga World i3, we think it’s by far the most attractive interior, we actually use the universal garage door opener, and we appreciate the keyless access, but the satellite radio is worthless in Honolulu where there is no satellite radio reception. Fortunately, we didn’t have to pay for heated front seats 🙂

I’m not saying they’re right, but BMW says you do not need to rotate your tires.

The Mega is under-equipped. Wheels are hideous, universal opener, keyless entry, etc. are missing. The Giga’s interior is more attractive to me than the Tera’s, but then I love cloth seats.

What about the NAV screen. Some have narrower screens with wide bezels, and some have wider screens with narrow bezels. Is this not tied to the “worlds”? I thought it was, but all three images seem to show the narrower screen.

Upgraded nav screen is part of the Tech Package and is an available option iin any world.

See http://bmwi3.blogspot.com/2014/02/bmw-i3-wheels-and-tires-what-you-need.html for pictures of the wheels.

I think the “terra” wheels are by far the most appealing. I think I actually like the cloth seats best, but I guess would have to go terra to get the wheels.

The 20″ wheels, btw, are something I wouldn’t even consider, since there are no all-season tires that fit on them.

Does anyone have any information as to when the sunroof will be available in the U.S.?