Unboxing The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S – Video


Unboxing Radio Flyer Model S

Unboxing Radio Flyer Model S

First deliveries of the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S are now underway and here we present an “unboxing” video of the tiny S.

Back In February, Radio Flyer announced that it teamed with Tesla to bring the kiddies a version of the Model S. Some specs include:

  • This true-to-life Radio Flyer Model S features a frunk, a spacious interior and a swappable battery pack
  • Weight capacity is 81 pounds and it’s listed as being for children ages 3 to 8 years old.
  • Top speed is 6 MPH

The Radio Flyer version of the S costs $499 and up and can be built/ordered here.

Unboxing video description:

Tesla Model S for Kids UNBOXING – Radio Flyer Edition

Radio Flyer’s pint-sized Model S for kids has been making its debut in select Tesla stores across California, and recently saw its own test drive event held at the factory in Fremont, CA.

A new ‘unboxing’ video of likely the hippest children’s car every produced, shows the striking detail Radio Flyer in conjunction with Tesla underwent when creating its $499 miniature masterpiece. The Model S for Kids comes with a Tesla branded lithium ion battery pack, a charger that perfectly resembles Tesla’s own Wall Connector, working headlights, and even a functional front trunk “frunk” where kids can store their belongings.

As seen in the video, the attention to detail really is beyond expectation.

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Pretty cool. Hope it does well, and Radio Flyer comes out with a Model III. 😉

Mine was $700 delivered.

Range? lol

Short range, no Supercharger support…

Wait, I thought THIS Tesla comes with fast swappable batteries!

The name Radio Flyer reminded me of RC model airplanes. Electric radio controlled airplanes have made huge inroads into the old glow plug gas engines RC planes of yesteryear. Here’s an excerpt:

Electric RC airplanes.
How they’ve changed the hobby!

Without doubt electric rc airplanes (Electric Power or ‘EP’) have been responsible for bringing a huge number of people in to the radio control flying hobby in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

When I started creating this website back in 2002, Ready To Fly (‘RTF’) electric planes were only just becoming readily available and affordable. Just a few companies were mass-producing them, mostly from foam, and traditional builders probably saw them as a flash-in-the pan novelty!

But electric power had truly arrived and the relative low cost and convenience of EP bundled in to an all-in-one package proved irresistible to the beginner. At the time it was hard to imagine just how popular RTF EP planes would become, but with hindsight it’s not at all surprising!……..

article continues at:


Thanks for reporting and thanks for the video.