UN Climate Change Chief “Delighted” By Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

NOV 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 30

Volkswagen Sport Coupé Concept GTE

Volkswagen Sport Coupé Concept GTE

There are people in this world who are delighted  by the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal.

But not necessarily because they wish Volkswagen bad or because they like emissions. A statement made by Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, concerns only the consequences of the scandal (see video above).

“During an event hosted by The Christian Science Monitor in Washington on Nov. 3, 2015, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change says the Volkswagen scandal is pushing companies toward cleaner energy sources.”

Christiana Figueres hopes that Volkswagen will end its diesel line and switch to electric drive.

“No, I am actually delighted about Volkswagen. … what is their corporate strategy? We are going to scrap diesel and move to electric vehicles.”

“If the people’s vehicle says we are going to make it accessible to everybody to get a (zero-emissions) car, we have a little revolution on the way.”

Source: Reuters

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She’s right in that if VW follows through and really does go electric, or transitions to electric, it will have a huge impact. However, given the time lag between announcing new products and being able to go down to the dealer and buy something, we will have a while to wait.

Most of the automotive industry hoped Tesla would die and become nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

It almost did.

But it survived. And now thrives. Everyone who just sat back and watched them create one of the world’s most desirable electric cars, with a growing global high speed charging network– now has YEARS of catching up to do.

No one can replicate what’s been accomplished by Tesla, overnight. It’s kinda sad how almost one else but Renault and Nissan, willingly changed course to create non-compliance EVs.

no one else, sorry.

Tesla is not thriving. They are still very much teetering on the edge of failure.

Tesla is no more risky than most technology startups! Everybody was nervous about Amazons lack of profit and Facebook’s lack of revenue. Today they are both revered. Tesla is burning cash, but they are spending the money on long term investments. If they stopped investment their core business is profitable.

Compared to elderly car companies, Tesla may seem risky, but the elderly car companies have far more to loose.

The e-golf is a good start. I own a 2013 Leaf or I would consider one.

Audi and Porsche both now have Stop Sale Orders on their diesels. The width and depth of this scandal is impressive, as it unfolds. This should scare the cr*p out of automakers. EPA has now changed the way it will test vehicles (on the road), combined with ever tightening global emissions regulation– the only choices for compliance will be cleaner energy efficient BEVs or lame FCVs pushed by the Oil Industry.

Not sure VW Group will ever quite be the same again…

Sales fell 50% in Brazil, this past month. Not sure how much that matters to VW, but I think it should matter. I am so over VW though, they stink! The ‘Big Stink’ gets smellier.

Do you feel it? There is a change in the air and this lady is articulating it on the World stage to educate the masses as to the benefits of an ‘Electric World.’

We need more of these people who have a large pulpit available and are willing to fight against the status quo of the fossil fuels industries.

Would any Republicans politicians out there like to break ranks and stand up for the good of the people? Might get you some liberal votes…Not yet?…I didn’t think so!

The EU promoted diesel to comply with the Kyoto Protocol! The were willing to harm their citizens in order to decrease CO2 emissions and this is the thanks they get!?!

They chose poorly.

Reducing CO2 while boosting NO2 does not help.

Europe has just blown it by taxing diesel less than gasoline. That created an artificial market distortion that boosted diesel sales for no good reason.

No, they chose diesel for a few reasons, one of which was the honest belief that they produced fewer emissions. The politicians were told things like “99 g of CO2 per 100 km!”

Fool cells offer the same beliefs, by the way, presented to politicians in the same way.

I certainly hope this is the best thing to happen to VW’s EV Engineering Division.
Can I get an Amen from the choir?

What she said isn’t what VW has said it would do.

11/20, they meet with EPA to reveal the plan. Expecting buybacks, or retrofits. VW was in the WSJ, today, where the new CO2 violations were mentioned as volunteered by a whistleblower. 800,000 cars, and no models known yet? Add that to the ~82,000 1.8ltr recalled gas cars, with cam lobe issues, and then the V-6’s they voluntarily took off the market, despite claiming “clean”, and you have a real mess at VW, Porsche, Audi.

If you think VW Group is about to change, watch the English translated succession presser to new CEO Mueller, and listen for how little they characterize their offenses. I get the sense they care more about their lost buddies:

I really, really hope she’s right.

Unfortunately, I think that’s a bit optimistic. It’s entirely possible that VW will quit making diesel cars altogether. But even if VW really wanted to, I very seriously doubt it can start making and selling EVs in the mass quantities which it has been selling diesel gasmobiles. It’s not a matter of motivation, it’s a matter of economic reality.

We’re getting close to the tipover point at which an auto maker can make an “everyman” BEV or long-range PHEV at a price point fully competitive with gasmobiles. But we’re not there yet. If we were, then Tesla would already be selling them. We’re still at least a few years, maybe several years, away from that.

So I expect VW to talk a lot about plug-in EVs, but to produce mostly mild hybrid gasmobiles, which they will call “EVs” but which won’t replace many gasoline-powered miles with electric-powered miles.

Meanwhile. Ireland still sold diesels as 75% of its market. I doubt anyone’s thoughtful enough to care. We should see the real verdict in Ireland in January

Time for everyone to join the revolution, no matter what you think the future will be electric!

2030 is too far out. BMW should stop making ICE long before that. They should start “yesterday” in building battery factories. Not only BMW but all of the car boys.

Today we read that Paris was attacked. Which one is next one wonders? When are we going to not use oil and stop being dependent on the Muslims? How many more lives will it cost? Just how many Mr. BMW or Mr. VW etc..

This explains a lot… 😛

I just looked up the salary of Christiana Figueres from the UN. It is in the region of $250k. And for that money she gave us a lesson in German that VW means the car of the people and that Tesla doesn’t make a car for the people. She know all too well that Tesla is working hard at it and SHE is siding with the BIG OIL BOYS so as to maintain her income from the UN. She knows who owns which company. What did she do about it? NOTHING. What can she do about it? Sing and at the end of the day also NOTHING.

The transition to truly clean vehicles is about CO2 emissions and climate change. Therefore, the only legitimate pathway is electric vehicles. “Clean diesel” and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are nothing but wasted opportunities and a cynical ploy by the fossil fuel industry to extend their immoral business plan to ekk a few moral years of profits. The only chance of bending the emissions curve downward is to replace fossil fuel energy with renewable energy and electrification of transportation. And we need to do it fast. No more obfuscation by the automotive and oil and gas industry.

IMHO the only way these companies are going to REALLY change is when we the people start choosing to buy the Model IIIs, Bolts, Leaf 2.0s and whichever other long range BEVs come out in the next few years. Consumers have the power to change these big auto companies we just need to spend our money in the right places.
They are slaves to the all mighty dollar and no moral argument will be truly heard by them if their profits are going to suffer. I for one am currently building a new house in which two car chargers are being installed. Once the second generation of BEVs comes out I will no longer drive a gasmobile. I now drive a Toyota and my poor girlfriend drives a VW Diesel. Both these companies will lose our business unless they make an electric we can trade in for.

The latest is that EU officials were tipped about VW’s emission manipulation as early as 2011.

So maybe we owe VW’s increasingly impressive line up of plug-in vehicles to the fact it realised that it was only a matter of time for its diesel bet to blow up in its face and it needed a plan B.

I think the main impact is not on VW, which if it is like most major corporations will fight tooth and nail to change as little as possible.

The main impact is that “clean diesel” is dead as a credible concept. All of those buyers who were purchasing diesel vehicles thinking they were a green option will need to seek alternatives, and there are three: hybrids, range-extended EVs, and EVs. Plain hybrids have become the minivan of drivetrains. They no longer excite anybody. I suspect the typical former diesel buyer will move to extended range EVs, as clearly they were unwilling to give up range.

Put another way, this is an opportunity specifically for the Volt, at least till 200 mile EVs reach the 30-40K price point. The i3 is also a beneficiary, especially for those who want to stay with German brands. The Leaf and Model S will benefit a little bit too, but I think not as much.

And VW? It will become a smaller company. A better one, or not, remains to be seen.

This would be a real occasion for GM to promote aggressively their Volt against “clean diesel “instead of targeting pure BEV.
I wonder why they didn’t already pick up the slack.

Diesel is just as bad as gasoline since both are organic fuels that are burned in engine cylinders, and both generate dirty emissions. There is no such thing as a “clean Diesel” engine. Whoever states that lie shopud have their mouth taped to the Diesel exhaust pipe and the engine powered on!