Energica Races Tesla, Ferrari, BMW, Zero: “The Ultimate Drag Race” (video)


Somebody over in Italy is having some fun with all this electric drag racing stuff.  Dubbed “The Ultimate Drag Race”, these guys put together a video of the Energica EGO running against a Tesla Roadster, a Model S P85D, a race-ready BMW 1000RR HP4, a Ferrari 458 and a Zero S.

Coming from a YouTube user “ih8u2be“, and described as “documentaries on parks and the environment, PSA’s on renewable energy, environmental projects, high tech, short movies, music videos, movie trailers, educational videos.” it’s pretty far from the last word on actual drag racing times.  But fun?  Are you kidding?  Did you catch the “eeeeEYHA!” from the flag girl?  When was the last time you were in a drag race with a ninja flag girl?

Ninja flag girl

Ninja flag girl

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Wait. Why not a Zero SR?

As you know, you go to race with the vehicles you have, not the vehicles you might want or wish to have at a later time.

These are European vehicles, and the Zero appears to be a 2013 model year. Not sure exactly what country this takes place in, but in some European countries (especially UK) Zero had stopped regional sales in 2014.The SR may not have been available at all.

Because the result would be the same. An SR is nowhere near as fast as the Energica.

A Zero SR would be much closer, the Energica Ego would win, but by 0.3 seconds.

That’s if you go solely by manufacturer claims, and are using the SR with the smaller battery, and no onboard charger.

Wow. Referencing Captain America, Priceless.