UK’s Season Car Hire Adds BMW i8 To Fleet – Video


"We Providers of Luxury and Super Car Hire all over the United Kingdom." -Video's Description.

“Providers of Luxury and Super Car Hire all over the United Kingdom.” -Video Description.

If you live in the United Kingdom and want to drive a BMW i8 for awhile, then here is your opportunity to do just that.

Season Car Hire added the new i8 to its inventory, which is available for rent, along with all sorts of other exotic, rare and pricey vehicles.

This sure is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on an i8 without buying it (it is, after all, far too expensive for most people to afford, so renting it for a few hours may be the only way to get behind the wheel of one).

In this video, Season Car Hire shows us an in depth look at the i8, as well as showing us some unique action shots of the plug-in BMW.

Click here for the direct link to the Season Car Hire i8, or here for the Season Car Hire website’s homepage.

If you had the opportunity to rent the i8, would you?

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I might rent one for a day. Depends on what it costs.

If I rent one, do I have to bring it back “fully charged”?

Just checked their website. Minimum hire period is three days, at a cost of £2094.00
Mileage allowed is 300 miles. Any miles over that is charged at £4.80 PER MILE!
No mention of bringing it back with a full tank.
The big question here is after watching that video, why do I have the sudden urge to watch the original Star Trek?