UK’s New Clean Air Strategy Calls For End Of Gas & Diesel By 2040

JUN 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

UK is moving towards ending the sale of new conventional diesel and gasoline cars and vans by 2040, which was hinted at first oneĀ year ago.

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Environment Secretary Michael Gove has launched an ambitious new clean air strategy to tackle air pollution – Air quality: draft Clean Air Strategy 2018.

Today, between 2 to 3% of new cars sold in UK are plug-ins depending on month, so there’s a ways to go to reach 100% (market share would need to increase on average by several percent every year for the next 20 years).

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It’s possible that other countries will reach end of ICE car sales by 2040-2050, and most of the market will fall on plug-ins and hybrids.

“The new UK strategy, now out for consultation, is a key part of a 25-Year Plan; stated goals for the strategy include:

  • By 2025, to halve the number of people living in locations where concentrations of particulate matter are above the WHO guideline limit of 10 ug/m3.
  • To introduce new primary legislation, which will give local government new powers to improve air quality.
  • To legislate to ensure only the cleanest domestic fuels will be available for sale, preventing 8,000 tonnes of harmful particulate matter from entering the atmosphere each year.
  • To take concerted action to tackle ammonia from farming, responsible for 88% of ammonia emissions, by requiring farmers to invest in the infrastructure and equipment that will reduce emissions. Farmers will be supported to achieve this through a new system of public money for public goods.
  • To work with international partners to research and develop new standards for tires and brakes to address toxic non-exhaust emissions of micro plastics from vehicles which can pollute air and water.
  • To provide a personal air quality messaging system to inform the public, particularly those who are vulnerable to air pollution, about the air quality forecast, providing clearer information on air pollution episodes and accessible health advice.

Among the other actions detailed in the new plan to reduce emissions from transport are:

  • A coming plan to reduce emissions from shipping and aviation.
  • Ending the sale of new conventional diesel and gasoline cars and vans by 2040.
  • New legislation enabling the Transport Secretary to compel manufacturers to recall vehicles and machinery for any failures in their emissions control system, and make tampering with an emissions control system a legal offense.
  • A coming plan to phase out diesel-only trains by 2040.
  • Air quality strategies for all major English ports.”

Source: Department for Environment, Green Car Congress

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The idea is laudable, but putting a date on when to electrify aircraft seems premature. There are a lot of advancements that need to be made first.

The idea of the target is to encourage development more than anything.

The battery, production and engineering advancements have pretty much already been made in BEVs to end ICE mobiles they just need to go to production and they are largely starting in 2020 so ending sales of ICE in 2040 is kind of a joke to me…
By 2030 and probably sooner buying a ICE mobile will be like buying a CRT computer monitor…

With new battery technology just three to five years away, like Fisker’s 500 mile battery which can be recharged in one minute, demand for ICE vehicles will drop to zero soon after vehicles with those batteries are introduced (they will be cheaper than their ICE counterparts). Legacy vehicles will stay on the road for another ten or so years and that will be it for oil and diesel, well before 2040. Shoot for 2035, or even 2030, if you want to be ambitious and use some government incentives.

500 mile… that is about 150 kWh. One minute, that is about 9 MW charging….

Exactly. Best to do some fact checking before repeating what one reads in a Fisker (or any other) marketing blurb.

EV hater troll!

So? China is now working on 2 MW charging standard. It’s not impossible.

Hey, only 22 YEARS in the future. And we all know that you can likely tack 10-15 years on top of that, because manufacturers don’t really commit to timelines until they absolutely have to. So, good job on kicking the can.

Pretty weak really. Conventional gas and diesel cars and trucks will be phased out by 2040. That means they will probably still allow plugin hybrids and even regular hybrids after 2040. They should flat out ban any use of fossil fuels in drive trains and push it earlier than 2040.


Gas cars should be banned by 2020!