UK Supercharger Network Expanded To 68 Superchargers At 22 Stations


JUN 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors in just about one year installed in the UK 22 charging stations with 68 Superchargers – the company announced this in a press release entitled “We’ve got you covered“.

Model S drivers already can Supercharge their cars on routes to the West of Scotland and Eastern England.

Soon, a further seven stations will be added to make long distance travel even more convenient.

“Seven Supercharger stations will be added at motorway services with additional UK motorway locations in the works to be announced soon. The Supercharger network extends across Europe as well, so Model S drivers can drive from Edinburgh to Venice or from Tenby to Trieste.

In just one year, Tesla Superchargers throughout the United Kingdom have powered more than two million electric miles. Starting with the first Tesla supercharger location in Royal Victoria Docks, London, there are now 68 Superchargers at 22 Supercharger stations across the country. They have enabled Model S drivers to save more than 350,000 litres of petrol and 1,000 tons of CO2.

With a range of up to 310 miles and Tesla’s worldwide fast charging network, Model S makes road trips a pleasure. Supercharging is free for long distance travel on any properly equipped Model S and provides half a charge in as little as 20 minutes. New UK supercharging stations will be conveniently located on motorways. Existing Superchargers are on major routes near amenities like hotels, business parks and restaurants to allow travellers to stop for a quick meal or coffee break.

Building a dense network of charging solutions is just one of the ways Tesla is proving the benefits of owning a Model S, whether the road takes you to Loch Lomond or Ljubljana.”

Tesla’s UK Supercharger network

Tesla’s UK Supercharger network

At Tesla blog there is an  interesting story on the 500th British Model S Owner, and their experience with Supercharging:

Owners Tony and Jenny regularly travel abroad with their Model S; “For every day and long distance driving and ownership experience, the Tesla takes first prize every time. We’ve driven it down to the French Alps three times, and toured Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.”

Tom has made several trips to France in his Model S with his family; “We’ve now completed three trips to Europe in our Model S, totalling about 3,000 miles; we’ve driven to Cannes, Brussels and most recently Paris. The Model S is a brilliant touring car.”

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It would be nice to see an overlay of UK network on top of USA. Apart from CA I suspect they have a higher density of chargers.

The UK also has higher population density.

“to allow travellers to stop for a quick meal or coffee break.”. Shouldn’t that have been, “to allow travellers to stop for a quick meal or cup o tea.”!


Glad that tiff with Ecotricity & Tesla over SuperCharger locations, is finally over.

More SC’s coming soon!

I have to say I find their choice of journeys a bit odd!
I’ll bet £100 that NOBODY in Edinburgh has grabbed their coat and at the front door uttered, “See ya later hen, just popping to Venice.”