UK Sets New Plug-In EV Sales Record In March, Over 8,000 Sold!

APR 8 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

The UK noted its best ever monthly sales of vehicles in March (at 562,337 new registrations).

Besides the normal annual spike caused by plate changes, consumers were doing everything possible to avoid the new VED charges that shakedown petrol-using vehicles priced north of £40,000 (there is now a £310 annual supplement for five years from the second year of registration).

Plug-in electric cars in UK (Go Ultra Low)

“The UK’s new car market grew by 8.4% in March, making it the biggest month since records began in 1997, according to SMMT figures.

The record performance came as buyers seized the chance to buy cars before the new vehicle excise duty (VED) rates came into force. From 1 April, under the new system all new cars, except for those with zero emissions, are subject to an annual flat rate charge.”

Along with the overall best auto sales number, plug-in vehicles noted a best ever result with 8,087 (up 7% year-over-year) sales, good for a market share of 1.44%.

  • 3,141 BEVs (up 34 percent)
  • 4,946 PHEVs (down 5 percent)

In total, around 12,000 new plug-ins were registered in UK so far this year.

As always, readers are curious as to how specific brands and models have fared for the month, especially Tesla, however data is not very forthcoming on the subject, but we can ballpark the number to within ~100 units via the process of elimination.  For March Tesla sold about ~875 vehicles in the country, more than triple the month prior.

In coming months UK should reach milestone of 100,000 plug-ins sold, thanks in part to the Plug-In Car Grant scheme introduced in 2011.

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – March 2017

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – March 2017

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Include hybrids and its now over 4% of the market.

Am I right in understanding you mean ‘Hybrids’, that don’t plug in? Or PHEV’s?

On insideevs, I believe that ‘Hybrids’, are just fuel efficient gas cars, and not a primary point of interest.

Robert; I have been trying to get this through to IEVs for years only, I take it further and want a very clear distinction made between anything with an ICE in it and what I (and I think everyone on the planet except journalists) understand to be an ‘EV’… an ‘electric car’ ie something that has no exhaust pipe! (Isn’t it blindingly obvious?!)

In my book an EV is a vehicle that can be “fueled” with electricity.

To me a conventional hybrid is only a gas/diesel car, since that is the only thing you can fuel it with, and a plugin hybrid is an EV AND a diesel/gas car.

It would be silly not to call a number of cars that even have been driven on 100% electricity EVs.

not really the place for this but anyone else notice the overnight explosion of bolt inventory on cars dot com almost 4000

3885 on
3270 on

Just further evidence that GM does not want to sell any Bolts and has no plans to stock them as all the people here say…

And a few hours later Cars dot com is up to 3957. Whatever the reason for throttling the inventory, whether it was QC or financial, it seems to be done with.
A lot of these new cars are in transit and not on the lots but they are on the way to the dealers now.

Hybrid = gas car

PHEV-0 = gas car

EREV-38 or EREV-53 = EV (not a BEV, but an EV nonetheless)

This looks pretty weak, the growth is almost gone. Hopefully the increased congestion charges and ultra low emission zones will change this.