UK Review Of Tesla Model S P85D


Tesla Model S P85D (Image Credit: Autocar)

Tesla Model S P85D (Image Credit: Autocar)

What does UK-based Autocar think of the Tesla Model S P85D? Well, Autocar loves the fact that the Model S is a 691 horsepower family sedan that can go from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, and still function as a long-range (~265 miles) electric that’s cross-country road trip capable with tons of cargo space & low operating costs).

Autocar adds:

What’s it like?:

“Absurd. Push your foot into the carpet and you will accelerate in a manner you haven’t experienced before. Even if you have a really quick car like a Caterham Seven 620R alongside you at the time, you will watch it shrink in your mirrors if the surface is anything but just right. The P85D is the most absurd model in Tesla’s line-up of surprising cars.”

Autocar says the Model S has a simple, but very roomy cabin.

On the downside, Autocar mentions that the road noise is on “the high-side” and that it’snot the smoothest riding” car out there.

Check out Autocar’s full report on the P85D by clicking here.

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Over at the Tesla Motors Club forum the general consensus seems to be that that P85D has a maximum of about 550hp, not 691. The 691 is marketing BS based on the maximum rating of the two motors put together, not the actual amount of power available from the battery.

Ford used to do the same nonsense on the Energi models, claiming that in EV only mode there was 118hp based on the 88kW motor rating, ignoring the fact that they can only draw 68kW from the battery, so maybe 90hp if lucky.


It’s still faster than any other sedan.


Ah . . . so that is why they need to make P100D model.


My guess it isn’t too far away. I think they needed the 70 to hit internal range targets for the X and same with the 100. Just gotta let folks buy the 70 then get the 100D.


The X’PlOOD will be AMAZING…


After the P100D, they can make the P100D+ where they use the big motor both in front and in back.

Should be able to get below 3 second 0 to 60.


Even if the battery could put out the power, I’ve always thought the HP rating is suspicious because it’s impossible to simply add up the peak power ratings of each motor.

The front and rear motors have different power curves, moreover the ECU alternates power delivery between front and back, therefore the total combined power–just like the sum of waves–cannot be the sum of peak ratings.


19’s eliminates some road noise, and it is smoother than the Volt which is smoother than every other car so…