UK Police Department Aims For Entire Fleet To Be Electric Within 10 Years


Gloucestershire Police Header Image

Gloucestershire Police Header Image

In the UK, the Gloucestershire police have installed one electric charging point.

Gloucestershire police jurisdiction

Gloucestershire police jurisdiction

That’s just the beginning of a grander plan that calls for a shift to a much greener fleet of vehicles.

As the Gloucestershire Echo reports:

“The force was awarded £4,000 from Gloucestershire County Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) to pay for the installation.”

“Police and Crime Commissioner, Martin Surl, is keen for the force to adopt a greener option when it comes to transport and last summer he test drove a fully electric Vauxhall Ampera as part of his investigations into the viability of battery-powered cars.”

Quoting police and crime Commisioner Surl:

“I’m delighted that Gloucestershire County Council has been able to fund the installation of the constabulary’s first vehicle electric charging point.”

“I believe battery-powered cars are the way forward and I think in 10 years’ time, maybe the whole fleet could be electric.”

“Using electric cars for certain types of jobs will not only help to save money, but will be better for the environment. We’re looking at a number of models which would be suitable for the constabulary’s purposes and will be taking some on in the not too distant future.”

Let’s hope that Surl’s “maybe the whole fleet could be electric” becomes reality.

Source: Gloucestershire Echo

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This is great, perhaps someone there in the police department has heard of Tesla Model E. It will probably do well as police car and has long enough range, it is fast enough and it is also not too expensive. Onboard computer and internet connection is very helpful in the duty.

I think police cars should be PHEVs. The consequences for running out of range are potentially much bigger than for a general driver.

Strange that the article mentioned “fully electric Ampera”. That’s Europe’s Volt.

They could put inductive chargers at all the hideout-spots. (and L3 chargers at the doughnut shops… I kid… I kid… 🙂 )

L3 wouldn’t be necessary at the doughnut shops near me – L1 would probably still get them by! (JK of course – but it seems a bit disappointing when seeing 4 cop cars at a gas station – all left idling – while they are inside having a doughnut)

He probably meant PHEV’s. Especially since he mentioned one.

But there are probably things the police do that could be done with pure electric cars, not all cars are used to be out chasing criminals at high speed and long distance. =)

Go w/the Model S/X, more room to throw thugs into the rear. Better yet, a VIA Motors Suburban.

Yeah, police cars spend a massive amount of time idling so going electric or PHEV could save a lot of gas and reduce pollution.

I didn’t know there was a fully electric version of the Vauxhall Ampera. I thought it was only offered as a PHEV/EREV like the Volt.

Birmingham Police already have a few Leafs which they seem to really like. They use them for home visits to take statements etc.