UK Plug-in Electric Car Sales Begin 2015 At Over 1% Market Share

FEB 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Plug-in electric car sales in the UK continue along the good pace from 2014 and still show us that the UK is one of the quickest growing markets for electric cars.

In January, 1 out of 97 new cars were a plug-in, and with 1,715 new plug-in electric car registrations, the market grow by almost 300%!

Since September, most sales have come from plug-in hybrids. Last month PHEVs reached 1,203 registrations – 12-times more than in January 2014.

All-electric cars are growing at a much slower rate from 325 in 2014 to 512.

February will likely be a weaker month as it has been in years past, but who knows.

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I believe company car tax rules are very favorable to PHEVs. Expect the sales to continue to climb.

Boom! Add that to the stellar Januaries in Norway (2.2k sales >20% share, more e-Golfs than ICE Golfs sold) and Netherlands (2.5k sales), just reported by EV sales blog, and Europe is really in the game now, big-time.

It seems to be almost 11k sales in Europe in January. Close to twice the sales of the US.

The giant is awakening.

Well! Talk about going from zero to sixty!

Fascinating that in the space of one year, the UK would go from lagging far behind North American sales (even in terms of percentage sold) to being perhaps the first country to have at least 1% of its new cars sales be highway-capable plug-in EVs.

Norway and Netherlands have had over 5% plug-in market share since 2013.

Bone, thanks to you and Mikael for the correction. I shouldn’t have forgotten about the remarkable and well-publicized sales in Norway, at least.

There are a number of countries who have had sales over 1% in a single month. And at least a handful who have had over 1% in a full year (including Norway, the Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden and Estonia).

Wow! I thought the UK was lagging, and it was until September! What a great surge in electric car sales! 1/97 is pretty sweet. What are we in the US, 1/200?

It was 0,72% for 2014 for the US or 1 in every 138th car.

For January it’s actually 1,1% or 1 in every 90th car. So the race is still on. 🙂

Thanks for the info, Mikael. I thought we were still at 0.5%, 1.1% even for a single month would be impressive!
But I thought 1,146,000 light duty vehicles sold in the US in January, and Insideevs says just 5924 BEV’s and plug in hybrids/EREV’s sold in January, which is 0.517%, or a little over 1/200.
Mikael, am I missing something? Because I like more than 1% a lot, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

You are right, I had the wrong number for the total sales in January. It was for some kind of “passenger car” subcategory and not for total cars. Which I should have seen since just a bit over half a million cars sold is way too little for the US even on a slow month.

So the correct numbers are that it’s at 0,51% and 1 per 195 cars for January. 🙂

Rats. I liked the idea of more than 1%. There is always next year. Or maybe by late this year when the Gen II volt and possibly the gen II Leaf are out.

I will not be surprise if plug-in hybrid sales in the UK surge during 1Q 2015. Just like it happened in the Netherlands at the end of 2013.

The new categories set for the Plug-in Grant will come into force after April, so many people will rush to buy PHEVs now, since it it likely that PEVs with an all-electric range between 10 to 69 miles will not continue to be eligible for the full £5,000 grant. Only all-electrics will. I will not be surprise if this month trends continues.