UK Now Home To Over 700 Rapid Charging Points

NOV 30 2014 BY STAFF 3

There are now over 700 rapid #EV charging points in the #UK, see them all here #UKCHARGE

Tweets Zap Map.

Yes, that’s 700 rapid charging points (defined as fast AC 22-kw, rapid AC 43-kw and rapid DC 50-kW) in the UK alone.

Here’s a zoomed out look at the Zap Map showing those points.

Zap Map

Zap Map

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Well, any breakdown between fast, rapid, and rapid DC?
I found that there is 400 rapid either ac or dc in UK but the exact countdown ain’t shown.

170 of those are CSS, the highest number for any country in Europe:

Unfortunately the DBT-CEV multi-standard chargers used by Ecotricity and others are very unreliable according to a lot of reports and sometimes unavailable for weeks.

Yes, how about you also show how many are out of service too. I won’t venture far in mine because the providers don’t accurately report units being down.