UK & Netherlands Account For Two Thirds Of PHEV Sales In Europe

JUN 18 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – April 2015

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – April 2015

The surge in sales of plug-in hybrids in the UK was tremendous over the last couple of months, which now makes the UK the largest market for such cars.

40.6% of all plug-in hybrids sold in Western Europe in the first four months went to customers in Britain, according to EagleAID.

Together with the Netherlands, the 2 countries account for two thirds of Europe’s PHEV sales.

Of course, EagleAID is not serving us this data without a reason:

“A casual glance at overall PHEV registrations in Western Europe give little indication as to the true state of demand for vehicles of this type.

However, echoing to an extent today’s uneven sales distribution of electric car sales in Europe, AID’s compiled figures reveal a similar uneven distribution.

A direct reflection of today’s subsidy culture, tax-savings and tempting ownership perks like not having to pay London’s weekday congestion charge, AID’s figures reveal that just two countries are currently responsible for the bulk of these registrations..”

Source: EagleAID

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GM dropped the Amperage just as the UK woke up to the financial benefits of PHEVs.

I think that GM dropped the Ampera because they weren’t selling any and they didn’t want to drop the price. I don’t really understand why the Ampera wasn’t more popular in the UK, may be it was the price which was/is very high but now that you can buy an Outlander PHEV for about the same money and a BMW i3 for less money I think it is time for GM to leave and come back with something more appealing….. What ever that might be.

The Ampera wasn’t advertised but above all it had only 4 seats where standard vehicles, the outlander included, have 5 seats. The BMW i3 would also sell much more if it had 5 seats and a normal body size (the intended i5). So, no real surprise here.

GM built a GREAT PHEV system with Voltec . . . but then put it in a little 4-seater econobox that few seemed to want.

Mitsubishi made the Outlander SUV PHEV and they can build enough of them to keep up with demand.

Oh GM.

The high sales of PHEV’s in Netherlands probably drove Fords decision to try selling the C-Max Energi there. But making a RHD version was probably too costly to justify the UK market.

Great to see that UK sales are surging.

Hopefully this news will be the end of posts from EV detractors who keep whining that Norway is the only European country with significant PEV sales, claiming that such sales should be ignored simply because that country isn’t part of the EU, as if somehow that means PEV sales there don’t count.