UK Nears EV Sales Record In September

OCT 10 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – September 2017

Heading into September, the UK market appeared primed to set a new all-time record month for plug-in deliveries, but in the end – came up just short (~250 shy) from besting the high water mark set earlier this year in March.  But still, a worthy effort.

Plug-in electric cars in UK – Go Ultra Low

In total, 7,861 new plug-ins were registered,  24% more than year ago, and translates to a strong market share of 1.84%.

In other words, 1 in every 54 new vehicles sold in the UK for September plugs in!

An even more impressive result when one considers that the overall light vehicle market in the region decreased by 9.3% at the same time.

Breaking down the 7,861 registrations we find:

  • 2,097 BEVs (down 1.5 percent year-over-year)
  • 5,764 PHEVs (up 37.5 percent year-over-year)

For PHEVs, it’s a new all-time high!

Nearly 38,000 new plug-ins have now been registered in nine months of 2017 (up 20.6%).

Around 68% of plug-in sales this year in UK falls to plug-in hybrids.

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – September 2017

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – September 2017

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16 Comments on "UK Nears EV Sales Record In September"

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I wonder what causes March and September to be consistently big months for Plug-in sales in the UK? Tax reasons?

The reason is license plate changes every 6 month (in March and September).

But why that is so important I’ve never been able to get a good answer to.

Maybe someone from UK could explain? What’s the big deal with sales as the license plates change? Why is is even a factor of any kind?

It’s because UK plates have a date reference. So driving around with the latest plate shows everyone how successful you are being able to afford a new car. Even if it is identical to one sold a week earlier.

To be more precise, how succesfull you are in acquiring finance, as 86.5% of all new cars here are borrowed from the creditor.

I’m reminded of the wiseacre who said he drove his car to the bank once a week, to show it who the real owner was. 😉


Resale value, presumably. Cars purchases are elective, so if you can wait a short time and get one that will give you a better trade when you replace it, why wouldn’t you wait?

Seems like the outlander plugin is back to it’s high sales. I remember the market shifting to BEVs after the incentives changed to favor BEVs. I wonder what happened now

Also worth noting is that diesel sales tanked by 21%.

That is certainly encouraging, but I’d like to see that drop much faster!

“Clean diesel” is a hoax.

I cant understand why the take up of EV’s is so slow in this country!, I Filled up this morning with petrol & it’s £5.46 = $7.22 a UK gallon.

As a Brit I can tell you it’s down to high purchase price and limited range of main stream models. We Brit’s also have no concept of distance and think journeys are longer then they really are.

Probably you don’t know VAT [value added tax] sits at a tidy 20% & that no doubt other taxes apply on top of that.

Can we at least get a break down by model or brand?

I don’t think you’re numbers add up for the ytd total. I don’t see how it’s 58k maybe 38k.

Whoops, yes that should have read 38%…still the same +20.5% gain – little key stroke error there. Fixed. Thanks for heads-up!