In UK, Kia Offers Free Home Charger (Plus Free Install) With Purchase Of Any Plug-In

JAN 10 2018 BY STAFF 7

Kia will even install it at your home for free.

Kia is welcoming in the New Year with offers across its entire range of models.

It’s not just the predictable finance offers that are on the table, the Korean car maker is even offering to install home charging points for buyers of its electric and plug-in electric models.

If you buy a Soul EV, Niro PHEV or Optima PHEV, Kia will add an EV charge point to your home for no extra cost at all. Isn’t that swell.

Details below:

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7 Comments on "In UK, Kia Offers Free Home Charger (Plus Free Install) With Purchase Of Any Plug-In"

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Nice Kia. Certainly, it cannot hurt your sales …


Uh… this is just after OLEV covers 75% of the cost anyway.. so £167 value.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Is the free EVSE an L2 at lease 30A?

Don Zenga

Either they price their vehicle high or set the price low and restrict the volume.

Still this company has long way to go in producing/selling plugin vehicles.


Offer that in CA and I’d be quite interested.


In Canada they give you a voucher for a Bosch 16A charger. You can upgrade to 30A for around 200$ after government rebate. Pretty good as well … definitely better than nothing, which is pretty much the rest of OEM’s

jim stack

Our KIA SOUL EV batteries die as have 10 others in the HOT Phoenix area. We were the canary in the coal mine for the Nissan LEAF battery failures too.
Even cooler areas will have failures ours are just the 1st to show up. All Electric auto makers should test in the Phoenix area. I’d be glad to give them data .