UK Electric Vehicle Sales Scorecard This Year

JUL 15 2012 BY JAY COLE 7

There is a near obsession with facts in figures in the US when it comes to EVs.  We keep religious watch over both the monthly sales, and the year to date sales, and then use this data to attempt to prove (or disprove) the viability of various electric vehicles, or even the EV segment as a whole.

So, why not extent the net a little further?  Today, we bring you the yearly plug-in sales to date – UK style (min 25 miles of range).

Vauxhall Ampera On Sale Now In The UK

Leading the pack is the LEAF, but there is two competitors that look to pass Nissan’s 73 miles (EPA) electric car very shortly.

The first being the all-new (to the UK) Vauxhall Ampera, that is 100 units behind the leader, but also just went on sale in May.  The second to attempt to pass the LEAF  (and likely to be the full year champion in the end), is the Renault Twizy, that sits almost 200 units behind, but also just went on sale in the past couple months.

Here is the year to date totals:

  1. Nissan LEAF 343
  2. Vauxhall Ampera 230
  3. Renault Twizy 158
  4. Renault Kangoo ZE 102
  5. Mitsu i-MiEV 86
  6. Renault Fluence ZE 58
  7. Peugeot iOn 37
  8. Chevrolet Volt 31
  9. Citreon C-Zero 20

Given that Nissan and Renault are equity partners in each other, we doubt they mind too much if the LEAF ultimately doesn’t win this battle to a Renault product, but they are probably looking to keep pace ahead of GM with the Ampera.

The wildcard to this race for 2012, is a vehicle that is not yet even being delivered for a couple more months, the Renault Zoe.  The Zoe is a technologically advanced EV compared to both the LEAF and Ampera, built and sourced several years after the established players, making it almost the second generation of electric vehicles, or at least version 1.5.

Compared to the LEAF, its natural rival, the Zoe has greater functionality, more range (130 miles on the NEDC, compared to the LEAF’s 110), a variable “Caméléon” charging system that adapts to the outlet it is being plugged into (30 min to 9 hour charges, up to 43 kW), next generation regenerative braking, and specialized Michelin Energy E-V tires.  The Zoe is forecast to be the runaway leader in not only the UK, but in all of Europe for 2013.

Generation Next - 2013 Renault Zoe

*data via SMMT

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With ZOE and Twizy now publicly using LG Chem batteries, not sure Nissan and AESC would agree. After investing big sums in Sunderland battery plant the partnership both need LEAF sales to be strong, If anything ZOE sales can be the one to falter.

Without getting into it to much, the battery plant that was supposed to be built in France for Renault was a huge bureaucratic cluster…uh, whatever.

You saw this coming when Renault couldn’t get sourcing to fill in demand for the Fluence ZE and had to sub-contract out some of the production to LG for those cars as well.

Even though Sunderland is running, it can’t (and wasn’t meant) to handle Renault. Instead of trying to scramble to fill it in, they are outsourcing the gap until 2nd gen is shipping from AESC (and as LG has the capacity online), I think they want to avoid a LEAF 2.0 situation.

The LG Chem deal extends/expands a current one into 2014, which is the ETA for the NMC packs.

Yep agree but my point was about which car they would prefer if push comes to shove in response to your they don’t care which wins the sales battle. LEAF or ZOE.

Naturally they want both to be a success, but Nissan will look pretty silly if LEAF doesn’t sell, resulting in lots of spare battery capacity sitting idle in Sunderland/Smyrna, while LG Chem benefits if ZOE is a success.

Appreciate its some months away and it would be madness for Nissan to spill the beans on MY2013 now, but have to believe they have some very attractive changes to have confidence the battery plant will be fully utilised for LEAF production.

The Zoe is much kinder on the eyes than the LEAF. Too bad Nissan couldn’t rebadge it as its own, and have it replace the current LEAF in the USA market. I wonder what sort of battery management system it has….

Jay – I noticed your monthly plugin sales scorecard page is missing some numbers for the iMiev. the Jan and March sales are available here

but thanks for the UK roundup!

Thanks kickin, chart fully populated now!

As a petrol-car driver, I’m curious as to why the Vauxhall Ampera is allowed to be classed as an EV.

It has an internal combustion engine, which as I understand it, could theoretically drive the car indefinitely without plugging into the mains.
It therefore still burns fossil fuels and has tailpipe emissions, so should surely be classed as a hybrid rather than an EV.

OK, for shorter distances the car can be driven entirely from the batteries, but then you’re carrying the dead weight of a medium sized internal combustion engine. That’s a wasteful use of the Grid’s energy!

Surely the point of EVs is to remove fossil fuel dependance, not entrench it into new designs. Otherwise why bother.