UK Consumers Opt For BMW i3 REx 3:1 Compared To All-Electric Version

JUL 12 2016 BY MARK KANE 22

BMW i3 REx

BMW i3 REx

Before the end of this summer, BMW will begin deliveries of longer-range i3 with a 33 kWh battery which enables up to 114 miles/185 km of real world (EPA) driving.   And if UK’s registration numbers prove anything…it was that more range was needed.

Historically, consumers in the UK have opted for longer ranged i3 REx (which is equipped with gasoline range-extender) nearly 2.5-times more often than the all-electric i3, despite the REx being about 10% more expensive.

As of the end of first quarter 2016 UK’s i3 fleet mix consisted of:

  • 2,855 i3 REx
  • 1,210 i3 all-electrics

Results for the first quarter alone indicates that the number of registered i3 REx increased by 415 – nearly 5.5-times more than increase of 76 i3 BEV (taking into account the de-registration). We also saw this phenomenon in late 2015.

Source: How Many Left?


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That is expected especially considering their version of the REx isn’t as crippled as the US version.

I wonder what the percentage of pure electric driving is with the BMW i3 REx.

I do 100% Electric in the city

And I do 90% Electric on the highway (we have a decent DCFC network in Quebec, Canada)

OK, that is great.

I wonder if the all-electric buyers are holding out for the longer-range version. Where the Rex buyers don’t care about the extra range?

If the REx versions all equipped with CCS DCFC option, then there would be little reason for them to care about the extra range on the BEV version.

Is there any information on that?

the longer range version will retail for 1-2k more so it’s worth waiting

Well pretty much ALL of the sub 100 mile range EVs are now dead in the water.


Heck, even sub-200 mile range pure EV’s are soon to be walking dead.

I doubt that. I suspect 120-ish miles will become the new standard for low-end BEVs. Seriously, 100 miles should be plenty for a vehicle that is only used in-town and not for trips.


15.000/20.000 € for 150-200km range car
25.000/35.000 € for 300-400km range car

IMO that could be a logic thing to happend in the short future.

Agree with the both of you amd would even say there’s a place for a
20.000/25.000 € for 150-200 km Ev range Rex

Don’t forget the gas terminator ev:

35.000/45.000 € for 500-600km range car

I still perceive that as the infamous “640k ought to be enough for anybody”.

It’s psychology. The car represents freedom. It is the mere peace of mind that they want that they could, take a detour if the need arose. Without hassle, without planning.

Therefore I am quite sure there is no real market for sub 300 km EV’s.

+1 agreed

SparkEV has been selling well even recently. At $18K post subsidy (or $16K when CA is back) compared to $30K for 200 miles range EV, SparkEV is far better for commuting when people also need SUV/van for family and weekend hauling. If ~100 miles EV are priced under $20K post subsidy, they could do quite well.

Give it up. Nobody wants a tiny spark, unless you have a death wish. GM should sell the spark EV in Europe and Latin America because it’s not meant for the US.

I think that is a touch uncalled for. Much like the plucky little car this guy admires so much he is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and be (very) different.

I find his idolization of his funny little car an interesting insight into the human condition. I don’t think he is any stranger than people who describe cars as sexy or insist that the driving experience of a certain vehicle as “better than sex”. He’s certainly no more or less irritating than the people who idolize Tesla and Elon Musk.

Anyone who claims a driving experience is better than sex needs to have that conversation with their spouse. I’ve never stopped in the middle of things with my wife and said “hey, I have a better idea: you wanna go for a drive?” As for economy-sized EVs like the Spark and i3, I just wish I could rent one when I travel for work. Room enough for me with my luggage, easy to park. Might be hard to charge in a new city.

Yeah, I give up that SparkEV has been selling well compared to others that took a nose dive.

Death wish? I guess you don’t drive, and stay in your mom’s basement all the time to be “safe”. Rest of us make compromises to live our lives, and SparkEV saves me quite a bit of money to be to able to spend it on life instead of on a car.

Oh, and I also ride a motorcycle. Yeah, I’m just daring death to come claim me, something chicken sh*t like you wouldn’t understand.

Please let me know what 200 mi BEV is available NOW for $30,000? Nothing. And it will be more than a year, maybe even two, before any are widely available (outside of a couple hundred in CARB areas)

My febr/2014 i3 Bev is not dead yet. I still have a highway range in summer of more than 130km at 110km/h in good conditions. As I live in the middle of the small and flat country of the Netherlands, with a lot of DC chargers along the highways, I do not need more range. I know there will be new BEV models with more range soon, but I will keep my beloved and fun to drive i3, until the battery from my current i3 can be replaced with a higher capacity battery. Technically the car could last 30 years or more.