UC Davis To Study How To Integrate EVs Using 10 BMW i3


It’s time to make use of those used electric cars

The University of California, Davis, launched an 18-month project with 10 pre-owned BMW i3 (2015-2016) to examine electric vehicle fleet integration using the campus as a living lab.

Eight i3 will be available for UC Davis faculty and staff to rent through the campus’s UC Drive program. The other two will be used by project researchers. Each of i3 will replace a gasoline car in the fleet. Range of EVs is estimated at 80-90 miles.

The project concern four areas:

  • electrification of campus fleet
  • to learn how fleets can incorporate used electric vehicles (more affordable than new)
  • to learn more about how to integrate electric vehicles with the grid
  • understanding users and their experience with the vehicles

“Center researchers will be conducting education and outreach with campus departments and UC Drive participants to teach them how the cars work. They will also conduct surveys to determine how people’s opinions change about electric vehicles before and after driving one.”

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8 Comments on "UC Davis To Study How To Integrate EVs Using 10 BMW i3"

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Not sure why with all of the government subsidies given on early EVs, there wasn’t some requirement that they find their way to parks, cities and campuses. Hopefully there will be a second smarter rebate program.

Professors doing Burnout’s. Going to be interesting.
The i3 jumps off the line.

A pet project sponsored by tax payers money that produce no feasible results for the financial health of the society?!

Campus will have no stink of gas engines. Health benefits, and cheaper fueling.

By the time this study is over the results will already be outdated and worthless since by then the used EV market will mostly be EVs with 150-200+ miles of range.

If you only need 20 miles of daily range, and the car has 90, then the results will be valid to infinity and beyond.

Srsly? You need to “study” these things?

Well I did 4000 miles in my 2017 BEV i3 in 2 months. …Vegas, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Santa Ynez, Barstow…from Ventura County…all Sat-Sunday trips…easy and enjoyably. Left the irex at home.