UberOne Will Add 50 Tesla Taxis In Dubai This Week



Tesla Model S taxis in Dubai

The citizens of Dubai will enjoy the opportunity to hail a Tesla through UberONE starting right away.

As Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) push to be the most technologically advanced, smartest, and greenest places on the planet, the Dubai Taxi Corporation has struck up an exclusive deal. The company will add 50 Tesla vehicles to a new UberONE fleet.

Tesla already signed a deal with the company to get 200 self-driving Tesla Model S and X vehicles in operation in the UAE.  The Dubai Taxi Corporation received 50 Tesla vehicles in September and has already deployed the fleet. Now, this partnership with Uber will get them online. UAE citizens can simply hail the all-electric cabs using the Uber app on their smartphone and choosing the UberONE option. Uber UAE general manager, Chris Free, said (via Khaleej Times):


UAE Tesla Owners Speaking About Their Cars

“At Uber we are constantly innovating our offering and looking for ways to provide new and progressive experiences at the push of a button. We are tremendously excited to be the exclusive ride-hailing partner for this fleet of premium electric vehicles in Dubai, in partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation, and for the clean vehicle technology to deliver our driver-partners and riders with more efficient, less-polluting mobility. We will continue to work hand in hand with Dubai Taxi Corporation to bring innovative infrastructural solutions to Dubai and grow the city’s smart mobility ecosystem.”

The people of the UAE have been enamored with the Silicon Valley electric automaker for some time, so this is a huge step in the right direction for the area. Citizens have made a few public pleas to CEO Elon Musk to get Tesla vehicles, Superchargers, and stores into the UAE. The country prides itself on high-level luxury vehicles, sports cars, and the latest, greatest tech. Now, they can travel in style while reducing air and noise pollution in the populous location.

Additionally, the long-range electric vehicles will reduce the taxi company’s operating budget, as well as allowing for a long-term, sustainable transportation solution. These vehicles should require very little maintenance and last significantly longer than their ICE counterparts.

Source: Khaleej Times via Electrek

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Fantastic. Hope they will start adding Model-3 soon to their taxi fleet starting from 2018.

They have visionary leadership.

Save us, UberOne Kanobi, you’re our only hope.

As Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) push to be the most technologically advanced, smartest, and greenest places on the planet…

Oil powered electricity, oil powered desalination, oil powered indoor skiing .. in the desert, no tax on fuel, and among the worlds most “thirsty” engine choises for cars, reef destroying dredges and on and on…

Those Teslas are not even a fraction of a drop in the bucket..
They shoud go full solar, with battery storage for night use, and grid balancing.