Uber & BYD To Test Electric Taxis

MAR 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

The BYD e6 Is Technically A 5 Door Hatch Crossover

BYD e6

According to Reuters, Uber signed a deal with BYD to test the electric e6 as taxis in the US.

“The electric car is part of Uber’s program to help drivers buy or lease new or used cars.”

As it turns out, 25 BYD cars are being tested in Chicago through Green Wheels USA and they hope for a couple hundred e6s to be part of the program by the end of the year. e6, with more than 60 kWh of battery capacity, can go over 180 miles on a single charge.

“The test program, which kicked off a few weeks ago in Chicago and could eventually expand to other cities, is the Silicon Valley startup’s first attempt to focus on an electric vehicle, said Uber spokeswoman Lauren Altmin.”We’ve seen interest in the program already from current and potential Chicago partners (drivers),” Altmin said.

Uber, which allows users to summon rides on their smartphones, originally started with a luxury town-car service but in many cities has added UberX, a low frills service with nonprofessional drivers using personal cars. The BYD offering is aimed at those drivers.”

Green Wheels prepared a traditional lease or a lease-to-own program, although the most popular is weekly rental:

“The most popular program, Snower said, allows an Uber driver to pay $200 a week to use an e6 for his or her driving shift. The vehicle is then returned to a Green Wheels lot, where it is charged until it is used again.”

Source: Reuters

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Good thing they chose to operate the e6s in Chicago. They are pigs! 2-something tonnes and 100-so bhp, so they can’t exactly climb hills.


2.3t 100hp (:( …)

EPA range 122mile

Battery 60kwh

The biggest concern is NOT about the electric part. It is the SAFETY part.

Has the e6 been tested for crash test worthiness? Isn’t it that test vehicles can be exempted from crash tests?

Since no one knows how the driving records of these drivers are (unless you believe everything from Uber), and most people have seen the safety records of cars made from China…

I better not think about it…

It’s only a matter of time before their cars will be scattered across the US.

I wonder if this vehicle conforms to the FVMSS?


It’s been vaporware for years.

The HK public transport co. ltd, leased 45 units of the e6 back in 2013. In July 2014, the president of HK public transport ltd said that they will not continue partnering with BYD on the electric car due to the following reasons:
1. announced range was 250km. When used commercially, BEST range was only 215km. Common range was 195km. — do feel free to compute in miles.
2. maintenance downtime was 6 days compared to a typical lng/gas fed taxi of 3 days.
3. When travelling in Hong Kong Island where the terrain is hilly. Actual range dipped to an unacceptable 180km at best and 160km on avg.
4. When air-conditioning was used range fell by an avg of 10% of its usual mileage.
5. A taxi driver in HK usually drives around 300km….This is the range they need and unfortunately the BYD E6 fails miserably in this requirement.

I do hope that the e6 sent in chicago to UBER will be far better than those used in HK.