UAW Puts Pressure On GM To Produce Electric Cadillac In U.S.

Cadillac EV

JAN 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 53

After all the bad news, the UAW hopes that Cadillac’s EVs will be produced in the U.S.

There’s been a lot of news surrounding General Motors in the past few months, from four plants that will go idle onto restructuring plans and more. Now, with the announcement of an all-electric Cadillac, this has prompted the United Auto Workers (UAW) to looks to secure jobs.

The UAW urges GM to commit to U.S. production of new EVs:

“General Motors builds some of the finest cars, trucks, crossovers, SUVs and vans right here in the USA. We are hopeful that these new products will be built here to show a commitment to all of America. We invested in GM. Now it is time for GM to invest its future in us.”

As we know, GM is developing an all-new modular platform for a family of profitable EVs (various body styles). Cadillac, as the first to introduce its BEV, means that decisions will need to be made soon. Employees from plants designated for closure probably hope for new opportunities.

At the current stage, GM didn’t announce new EV models or where those new models will be produced. However, we would be surprised if it’s not in the U.S.


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I guess they want to make Cadillac EVs for their old parents and themselves when they retire.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

22 people have no sense of humor.

When you say something stupid, people know it.

It should be produced near the Brownstown battery production facility in Mi. but this looks to be another low demand, low volume, high priced crossover.

Well the transmission plants are gone for sure. The others could be moth-balled as the industry is shrinking worldwide there will be little interest in the cost of refurbishing them. The equipment in some of them may worth salvage, but mostly they will just be white elephants.
I think they will build an ev here in the U.S. someday, as they really must, but they may use it as a bargaining chip. to get concessions from the UAW, who with all the malfeasance they are continually embroiled in has soured my rather dim view of them too.
I just have little sympathy for either of these entities.

GM already hedged on transmission long time ago when it worked with the cross town rival Ford on the new 10-speed transmission. That is basically the last one GM would design. And it is a joint effort to reduce cost.

Yes, and GM forced the VOLT to be a hybrid that had to involve both big motor and transmission.
The executives in these companies are short-term thinkers.

No reason to shut down the transmission plants. Just do some re-tooling. EV’s need transmissions and differentials. Just not multi-speed ones. Transmission plants already have about half the tooling to make EV front and rear drive units. Shaft lathes, gear shapers, housing foundries and mills, bearing presses, robotic assembly stations. They would just have to add a motor winding shop and maybe a power electronics shop if GM integrates the inverters with the drive units.


Not with dual smal motors in either end and skateboard platform

Gear boxes are not transmissions.

Depends on where you live… seriously!

The definitions of “gearbox” and “transmission” are reversed in British English. (Or should that be “English English”? 😉 )

The real question is … what is VW going to build in Ford’s U.S. (UAW) plants?

An electric Mustang.

There you go. A Mustangnugen EV.
Giddy -up

A Ford Pon-e-Up EV!

Prototypes. Lots of prototypes

And press releases. The plants will be re-tooled with printing presses.

UAW should use its “political power” to pressure Trump to build more EVs here.
Why? After China changed policy, everyone is rushing to build EVs in China for China. We can do the same if Trump and Congress would act on that.

Then again, that would be logical thing to do, but the conservatives and oil interests would never allow that.

You’d think he’d praise Tesla for being an american company…We all know why, he appoints those with fossil fuel interests into his cabinet…

In addition, if those UAW members would spread the words so all their friends and family would buy couple hundreds of these each year, it would help to keep the production here as well.

It can’t be just Californians who keep up the purchase. Maybe it is time for those UAW workers to trade in their Muscle car and rusty/dirty pickup trucks for one of those “nice electric Caddy”!!

Russia doesn’t want EVs.

Russia already proposed a new OPEC order so anything gas would certainly benefit Russia in the long term.

the US gets no oil from Russia. Germany, on the other hand, signed their energy dependence to the Russians. How dumb was that? Axis powers getting back together….

Russia fought the Germans. Go back to history class or ask an older relation.

New Axis is Russia, USA and any country with a tyrant. Germany is hedging bets with renewables and is working to save EU, more than can be said for USA.

I hate to point this out, but over the last 10 years, America has dropped our emissions a great deal. 2018 is the first year that they have gone up, but it was mostly the RIGHT things that went up.
For starters, diesel fuel went u. Why? Trucks and Jets used more due to our economy being way up. In addition, the only other source up, was electricity from nat. gas.

Thankfully, our emissions from passenger cars continue downwards, not up. That was due to getting rid of a number of high polluting German cars, combined with our buying the most EVs PER CAPITIA. More than China. More than Germany. More than EU (technically, several European nations outdid USA, but not California).

So, over the next couple of years, we will see our emission continue dropping since many more coal plants are closing.
So, lets skip the high/mighty BS.

No. USSR worked with the NAZIs in WWII, UNTIL, Hitler invaded USSR.
Then, and only then, did USSR join our side.

Russia was one of the Axis powers?

Hmmm… that comment must be from someone living in an alternate world. Maybe FCEVs are actually practical cars there, too! 😉

Russia worked with NAZIs, until towards the end when Hitler cut a deal with USSR and then reneged (Hitler and Trump really are alike).

The Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany on 23 August 1939. In addition to stipulations of non-aggression, the treaty included a secret protocol that divided territories of Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Finland into German and Soviet “spheres of influence”, anticipating potential “territorial and political rearrangements” of these countries.[1] Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler later traded proposals after a Soviet entry into the Axis Pact.

So, yes, USSR supported Germany, initially and was very much going to be part of the AXIS power.

BTW, no shame in not knowing this. USSR denied all this for decades, and our history books taught us that they were just neutral. However, in part, I grew up in Northern Ill/S. Wisc where many of the Jews from the Camps came to. You find out a lot.
Then when part of the cold war, you find out more.

why do you advocate Fascism?

If he is, then he is GOP.

“However, we would be surprised if it’s not in the U.S.”

Seriously? I would be surprised if it’s not produced and mostly sold in China.

Until I saw this Monstrosity I was really hoping any future EV would be made in the USA and Canada….. But now after viewing the thing, let them make it in China..

Front end looks like a boat.

No, it looks like a jet engine air intake. I think this is a huge step backwards for Cadillac styling and is the most ugly thing I have seen coming out of Detroit. However not as bad as the Toyota Mirai.

Some wired design language, if you can’t come up with anything original put a scoop on it, fugly in every way.

pretty true.

Add Genesis G70, and others with that same ugly styling. Ugh.

I haven’t been impressed with UAW’s underhanded tactics in regards to Tesla. Seems like a boat anchor of a union who ultimately doesn’t care about it’s members, if what happened at Tesla’s Fremont factory prior to them purchasing it is any indication. Good luck GM getting out of that moat. I’m all for workers rights, but when Unions get greedy and are mismanaged, they fail to benefit workers they are representing or the company. Making them just another leach of an entity which stifles innovation. Tesla has the right idea, by keeping their employees happy by treating them well and compensating them fairly to begin with. No middle man needed or wanted.

I agree about what you say about unions, but I don’t think Tesla is a good example of a company that doesn’t have unions.

They can make them here with all the automation they have.
The EV CUV will sell for around $50,000 like the Y, good margins.

The UAW priced themselves out of the global automotive assembly business long ago. They need to rethink their value.

GM (and all manufacturing) is global. It makes sense to build large products near the end consumer of those products for efficiency reasons. It makes sense to build small products where the labor is less expensive.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It makes sense to build EVs in China because they have a mandate and they subsidize domestic manufacturing.

No, they do not subsidize western companies, only Chinese.
And nearly all of the legacy car makers have screwed up. The only smart one has been tesla.

GM will be gone in ten years anyway

Well, Cadillac may be…. Mark Reuss – current GM hot shot – says this new Cadillac BEV is “Cadillac’s last chance” at turning around their fortunes. I’ve owned 5 electric cars (including 4 GM products), but I have no desire for this one. Point is – if people like me aren’t interested I can’t see how the typical Caddy buyer is going to be either. We’re not dumb either – we purchased the ELR at 10X the rate of the Convoluted, Inefficient, Boat-Like CT6 PHEV. Mark Reuss’ “Gasoline is in my Blood” basically has stated it doesn’t make sense to make a car with 2 power trains. I knew GM execs were not the brightest bulbs in the classroom – but if he’d check (I thought the model 3 had already outsold the Volt, but it hasn’t quite yet) he’d see PHEV’s are big sellers world wide (including China) since they make so much sense at $100/kwh battery pricing. To go 300 miles you need a $10,000 – $15,000 battery. 600 you need 20-30 thousand, unless you want to force large numbers of people to queue up at the ‘CCS Oasis’. When GM discontinued the Volt suddenly – it means… Read more »

Actually, Reuss is correct that 2 power trains does not make sense. Of course, neither does ICE except for isolated items.

I am hoping they want another bail-out and we break them up into 5 companies.
Im guessing that Ford will also need a bailout.

Congress should extend the $7,500 Federal Tax credit to all cars that are 51% built in the US no matter how many a mfg. has produced. All “US Made” EV’s get the tax credit.

That should appeal to the “America Firsters” (though their promises made to Mid-America workers to protect US jobs has proven to be a lie as we saw with Carrier, Harley and GM) and to those promoting EV’s for the climate change, sustainable 21st century and US tech. Something that could get past a divided Congress.

That GM has closed the US plants while announcing an amorphous EV future for Cadillac does not bode well for EV’s or US jobs.

Nope. Drop the tax credit.
In fact, drop all tax breaks/subsidies.
Instead, for simple corporate tax, charge them 25%. No Deductions.
However, if you are American corporation (not just based here), then you get ZERO TAX. As in 0.0 taxation.
So, what is American corporation?
If you are manufacturer, then in first year, you must have 40% of your employees and product made in America.
Then raise this by 5% every year for 8 years. At 8 years to qualify, you must be at 80% employees/product being American.
If you are Service, then again 40% made in America, by employee count AND $.
If you are a retailer, then you sell 40% American-made product, raising to 80%.
If not, then simply pay the 25%.

What’s the play here, GM? Cadillac isn’t exactly a popular brand for younger folks. I would take GM’s plans much more seriously if they made GMC the EV brand, including trucks and SUVs.

If Tesla plans on (belatedly) following Tesla’s playbook, then Cadillac is the right badge to do it with. The upscale price segment is where it’s possible to make a profit on selling EVs, whereas it’s currently not possible (or at least much harder) in the Bolt EV’s price segment.

Hate to burst your “But EVs are only for the young!” bubble, but most Tesla car owners are in the older generation. The median age of Model S and Model X owners is just under 54.

Average age of a Tesla buyer is 54. Average age of a Cadillac buyer is 58. Neither is catering to a really young group of buyers.