UAW President Angry Over Ford’s Move To Produce EVs In Mexico




Ford C-MAX Energi

UAW President Dennis Williams is bothered by Ford’s decision to produce electric vehicles in Mexico rather than Michigan, and he can’t believe President Trump isn’t speaking up.

In what was seen as an attempt to appease President Trump and the new Republican administration, Ford Motor Company announced last year that it would manufacture EVs in Flat Rock, Michigan. Now, the company has made it public that it will be reverting back to plans to move the venture to Mexico. Williams told the Detroit Free Press:

“I’m angry at Ford. It has an opportunity to do something for the state of Michigan and the United States of America. People in Mexico are not going to buy electric vehicles. And we desperately need high-paying jobs and technology here. I mean, 7% of vehicle cost is labor. How much do they need to make in profits?”


Ford Focus Electric

Ford will build traditional gas vehicles at the location south of Detroit, as well as self-driving cars, but no electric vehicles. Williams continued:

“We’ve had 17 plants close. You visit empty plants, you see empty fields. You see devastation of neighborhoods and schools with no tax base. It disrupts police and fire and destroys family units.”

While the UAW president is irritated with Ford’s “bottom line” plans, he’s even more upset with the current political situation. Williams is shocked that the new tax plan actually encourages such outsourcing and that Trump has made no further mention of his dissatisfaction with this move.

Williams, a veteran Marine, is confident that companies such as Ford actually do have compassion and care about employees and about America. However, he says our country’s leaders have complete disregard for working-class families and seem confused about why domestic industry isn’t successful. He asserted:

“We’ve got to have a higher level of education to meet the next generation of technology. We’re being left behind for a lot of greed.”

He pointed out that today’s CEOs earn 335 times the pay of the average U.S. worker. The CEO-to-average-worker pay discrepancy is up from 40 percent a generation ago, to 300 percent today.

Williams will retire in June, and as he enters the last few months of his tenure, he continues to preach for change. Nothing can change for the better if our leaders are corrupt. He concluded:

“Younger people want a champion. They want a future. They don’t see themselves having the future their parents had.

We’ve learned a great deal in 2016. People aren’t against unionization. Workers band together to have power. That’s the threat. They get educated. Change is coming.”

Source: Detroit Free Press

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Younger people have a champion. His name is Elon Musk.

Is Musk pro union? Unions gave YOU, 40 hour work weeks, paid time off, and many other helpful bennies. Google Walter Ruether.

Musk is very anti-union.

Musk is building cars in America.

That’s cool and Hitler gave us VW. Also UK gave us this country. Republicans freed the slaves while Democrats gave us Jim crow laws. You see the problem with this statement?

Time changes things, stuff of yesterday are not the stuff of today. When unions came to be they were an important part of moving society along, but as these unions “fattened up” and gained power, they began abusing their positions.

There are of course still unions that do good, but UAW is an example of a TERRIBLE union.

The thing is, unions need to innovate just like any other existences. The unions of old are not needed anymore. What is needed is a new type of union. One that is more transparent, has less overhead and acts more like a mediator.

“There are of course still unions that do good, but UAW is an example of a TERRIBLE union.”

Are you a member of the UAW?
The members I know seem to be reasonably satisfied with their efforts, it not with the results.
Remember, negotiations involve more than one party, and shy of a universal walk out, it’s tough for employees to “force” their employer to do something.

You mean like the bribes the UAW got from FCA or how Ford couldn’t fire a plant manager for sexual harassment due to UAW protecting him?

A lot of the larger unions have become like the mafia.

LOL. Of course, Musk is Hitler!

Ye then they became demarats & the once held integrity is gone.Now the officials get bought off & they’re like a watch dog with no teeth.Finding non corrupt union leaders is tough.for the working man? ye Obama was when he blew 9.5 trillion.

This morning I stood in line for 45 minutes at Lenox Square mall so I could see the Tesla Model 3 make in its Atlanta debut, and Dennis Williams is mad at Trump because Ford has a plant in Mexico?

It seems to me that he should be concerned about something else.

Ford is in controlled collapse.
They’re going to build EV’s in China for China.
They’re going to shrink their auto-line to SUV’s and Trucks, because they both don’t meet Car Safety Standards in America, and are less safe, but more profitable. Until Tesla Takes over the Pickup Truck market in a few years.

Bill Ford has hired and fired 3 CEOs to get them to compete with Tesla, even this last one shows on signs of doing the Hard Work of actually competing. They now have a plan for controlled bankruptcy.

“How much do they need to make in profits?”

As much as they can if they don’t want the shareholders to sue.

Great for the shareholders. Bad for the workers and the communities that they are leaving behind. Is maximizing shareholder return really serving the best interests of America – when the means employed kill jobs and communities?

Sad when wages are stagnant and the total labor cost is only 7% of vehicle cost. Shaking my head….

Further automation will decrease the labor cost even more, and wage costs will be continously less important in any production industry – so moving to lower-cost countries is at best a short-term solution that may not be needed for the future

Common Share holders Don’t have a Leg to stand on if a Company performs poorly or goes Bankrupt they can only sell stock & drive the stock down further as they all head for the door. Only Preferred Share holders can Raise a Stink & maybe get back Pennies on their dollar’s Worth,However when There is No Money Left To pass Out They get Zero if the bottom falls out . Shares are always Risky proposition.

Not true! There are countless examples on the market of big share (over 10%) stock holders that either get a board seat or appoint someone to the board.

Excellent point! It’s the whole fudiciary requirement to make as much profit as possible for the shareholders. It’s the F’ing supreme court, that’s bending us over!

Please, shareholders never sue for lack of outsourcing.

The motivation is simple. More company profits mean higher executive compensation, whether directly or through stock value.

The recent tax bill heavily amplifies this incentive: higher net profit for corporations and less tax on top incomes, even when outsourcing creates the extra profit.

It is even worse. The GOP Tax Scam creates incentives to move industry (and jobs) out of the country. All sold to us by the Liar-In-Chief.

Hey Two Volts keep your politics out of it. I mean didn’t Trump just bring back over 500 BILLION TAXABLE DOLLARS back into the U.S.?

Didn’t Obama make the business environment so hostile that companies fled the U.S. for foreign investments?

Trump created the greatest deficit in history, 4.4 Trillion.
Repubs since Reagan have Blown Up the Deficit every chance they get. The exact opposite of fiscal conservative.
The Trump tax robbery.
Now Trump is going after Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.
Trump also allowed crazy people to now buy guns.
Learn ratio. Admittedly, almost by accident, Repubs get 10% of policy right, but handing over Policy to corporations makes them wrong typically 90% of the time. And destroys Democracy.

Repubs Screw Over their Base.
Haven’t you learned anything since Reagan?
Don’t come on here and defend the biggest criminal ever elected.

The President that has amassed the most debt (ever) was your great leader, Obama bin laden, destroying the country from within.

Looking at absolute dollars can be deceptive. Much better to look at the rate of exponential growth in the debt.

The national debt roughly doubled under Obama – in large part due to the wars and severe recession he inherited.

If only we had a fiscally responsible conservative like Reagan instead, who only TRIPLED the national debt in his eight years.

LOL. “Obama did it”.
There’s no more of a stupid statement.

Let me explain “Regulations” to you.
Typically, the industry itself creates regulations like your electrical code in your home, for your safety.
But, there’s always that high school dropout where “Regulations” are just too hard, to learn and implement. He will be the biggest crybaby and complainer.

Like Repubs bitching about EPA Stove Regulations. Only the incompetent manufacturer complains. 90% of the manufacturers were happy to comply.

Who killed coal: Republicans killed coal, with massive tax code advantages to the natural gas industry. And Republicans put into place tax advantages to move overseas, because they were Bribed to do it.

Just like guns.
The Supreme Court has blood on their hands. They allowed Citizens United to Unleash Corporate Control Over Republicans. And the Gun Industry Demanded Rollback of Gun regulations to Crazies.

Let’s face it Recoil.
You elected the Dumbest President in History.
And his hires are also sub-par across the board.

To handle the Chinese requires Game Theory 101.
But, is anyone on the Trump team smart enough to even know that?

Game Theory:
Tit-for-Tat the most successful strategy.
China has an import policy of demanding 50% ownership and partnership with tech transfer.
What do you do?
The Exact Same Thing.

This leads to either China dropping these demands, or the shutting down of China imports into the US.

Is anyone on Trumps Team smart enough to propose this?
Two reasons:
1) They really are the dumbest government in history.
2) Republican positions are all corporate PAID POSITIONS.
LOL MEGA Trump can’t get the Votes because Corporate America has Bought the Republican Party: Citizens United Destroyed Them, and America.

Recoil said:

“…didn’t Trump just bring back over 500 BILLION TAXABLE DOLLARS back into the U.S.?”

Of course not. But that sounds like one of his endless stream of self-serving lies.

“Didn’t Obama make the business environment so hostile that companies fled the U.S. for foreign investments?”

No. You seem to be trying to assign to Presidents personal responsibility for everything that happens to the economy during their administration. You’re confusing President with God. But then, the Orange Liar-in-Chief seems to be confusing President with Dictator.

In reality, Presidents have very little control over the economy. Plus, tax policy is set by Congress — not by the White House.

Perhaps you need a remedial grade school course in Civics?

Hey genius, did you not realize that the deficit from these tax cuts are ON TOP OF the deficit left by the Obama administration?

So not only are you hypocrites suddenly accepting of the deficit that you protested so heavily during the Obama years, but you made it even worse!

You want to prove tax cuts work? Shrink the government in an amount that matches the massive GOP giveaway to the rich. Then we’ll see what happens to the economy…

That’s been ever since Reagan.

I don’t think It’s ever a Good Idea When American Jobs are Exported to 3rd world Countries for cheap Labor & Taxes savings , While we still pay a premium price for these Cheaply built inferior Products. There should be a Huge Import Tax On these Vehicles so that they stay where they are made.

Mexico is not a “Third World Country” Jethro…(Lamata)

No for your Insults..

Mexico most definitely is a “third world country”, both economically and politically.

Perhaps you need to look up the definition of the term.

“People in Mexico are not going to buy electric vehicles.”

Actually, they already are, which is why Tesla is rapidly expanding its Supercharger network in Mexico.

Nope, sorry. It’s simply due to profit margin

Well, you better tell Tesla that no one in Mexico is buying their cars, because they seem to be building out a charging network there.

People with lots of disposable income are found in all countries. Mexico not excluded.

“How much do they need to make in profits?”

What a Socialist.

Total Republican capitalist! Lol!

I fail to see the humor in that.

So now corporations sharing profits with their workers in the form of a decent wage is socialism? The race to the bottom in worker wages will not stop until 7 percent in labor becomes as low as they can go. If instead labor costs increased to 10% from 7%, we’d all have to pay 3% more per car, but workers and municipalities would get a 42% increase in wages and tax revenue. Would that not be healthier for society than the never ending race to the bottom that is now happening – with only shareholders benefiting?

Share their profits with their workers? That mentality is very entitled. Who owes their workers anything? They work to get paid so they have to negotiate with the boss to get it. In this world, you either an employer or an employee. If you don’t like your job, you negotiate for better terms or leave to work for another employer or become your own employer. No one is forcing you to work for someone. If more people have the back bone to leave their current employers in search of better employment elsewhere, that is the opposite of a race to the bottom.

You do not have a right to employment. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you fight for everything in this world.

Ahh… what about corps twisting lawmakers arms or “bribing” them with campaign contributions to cut or cut out health and safety regs etc. They were a result of congress agreeing these stipulations were beneficial and fair. Fought for and received as a result of decades of effort as part of workers compensation rights, now so easily dumped for top brass greed. It is far to easy for companies to take advantage of employees. If anyone needs any more convincing read this gut wrenching account as follows: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City. [The jury acquitted the two men owners of first- and second-degree manslaughter, but they were found liable of wrongful death in which plaintiffs were awarded compensation in the amount of $75 per deceased victim. The insurance company paid Blanck and Harris about $60,000 more than the reported losses, or about $400 per casualty. In 1913, Blanck was once again arrested for locking the door in his factory during working hours, the main cause of deaths. He was fined $20. Rose Schneiderman gave a speech to an audience largely made up of the members of the Women’s Trade Union League. She used the fire as an… Read more »
I am 110% against employers buying out politicians to favor their business. It’s this type of Crony Capitalism that allows franchised dealers to be the only way you can buy a new vehicle in the U.S. No business is entitled to no competition and that is exactly what these franchised dealers want. They speak in fear when they speak against OEMs selling direct because they know the general public will choose OEM stores over franchised dealerships. Collective bargaining is something unionists love to bring up when mentioning way to combat scumbag businesses. Well you don’t need a union to have collective bargaining. Just get your peers on the same page where you see issues at the job. Everyone agrees to go see the boss and have him/her fix the deficiencies at the work place. If the boss refuses, all of you quit. At the very least, you quit. If the boss can’t find someone to replace you, they will beg you to come back by enticing you with better terms. No one is forcing you to work for someone else. In this constant revolving door of people quiting and getting hired; it’s a race to the top, not a race… Read more »

“Just get your peers on the same page where you see issues at the job. Everyone agrees to go see the boss and have him/her fix the deficiencies at the work place. If the boss refuses, all of you quit.”

That’s a very long-winded term; “local union” describes the same thing, but much more succinctly.

Local unions are generally good for those who join them. It’s the huge national or international unions, with multiple layers of management, that lose sight of what their workers need and get involved in politics and lobbying (and corruption) instead of focusing on workers’ benefits. Unions like the UAW. Big Unions are nearly as bad for workers as Big Business.

It doesn’t matter if the union is big or small, it should not exist. It tampers with the free market and the natural relationship between employers and employees.

It is Socialism and unnatural. You don’t have a right to employment.

“It doesn’t matter if the union is big or small, it should not exist. It tampers with the free market and the natural relationship between employers and employees.”

Thanks for enlightening us on what is ‘natural’.

The ‘natural’ relationship between employers and employees is one in which employers exploit their workers as much as possible. The ‘natural’ response to this exploitation was the union movement. Unions are completely natural in this respect.

Employers and employees take advantage of EACH other. One can’t exist without the other.

Stop thinking that it’s a race to the bottom. It’s only a race to the bottom if employees let employers take advantage of them. Unions did not come about naturally. They are socialistic, an employee can’t tell their employer what to do. They can influence their employers decisions.

re:”Just get your peers on the same page where you see issues at the job. Everyone agrees to go see the boss and have him/her fix the deficiencies at the work place. If the boss refuses, all of you quit.”

Sometimes this works. Rounding up your peers is like forming a union.
It reality it doesn’t always go real smooth. Many times people are locked in a situation with families to support and little or nothing to replace their job. The owners are well aware of this and workers know it. In the past larger companies have employed muscle and weapons to subdue peaceful worker protests.

“in 1931 Ford laid off 75,000 people, leading to the Ford Hunger March in 1932. Dearborn, Mich., police and Ford security opened fire on unarmed marchers, shooting dozens and killing five.”

…unconfirmed sources report some participants
noting “gee… I don’t think it was supposta go like that…”

These workers had a brain of their own when putting themselves through a job that pays them very little for their “family”. No one forces you to work for someone else. You don’t have a right to make your boss do anything for you either. The employer sets the rules, you can choose to follow them or not follow them. When you don’t and choose to quit, the employer has a decision to make whether these terms are worth it or offering better terms for stable employees. You can effect an employers decisions, you just need a backbone to quit. No peaceful protest, just quit. That alone will tell your employer that you are not happy with the current terms and that if you want me back, there better be a substantial difference you offer me.

Toyota TRD said:

“Who owes their workers anything?”

Slave owners certainly agree with your attitude.

“In this world, you either an employer or an employee.”

Thank goodness your world isn’t the one I live in! In my world, more enlightened companies practice profit-sharing with their employees, and employee-owned businesses can and do compete very well in the market.

Too bad about the world you imagine you live in, which seems to have a lot in common with the Gilded Age, when the disparity between very rich and poor was even greater than it is today.

Slave owners? Are you serious man? Did you miss the part where no one forces you to work for someone else.

Judging from the rest of your opinions, you want the easy way out in life that is provided at others expense. What part of the country do you live in? It’ll make it easier for me to tell whether you believe in Socialism to the extent that you already do. Do you have an inch of pride or self worth or did that go away last week when you paid your union dues or contributed to your profit sharing program?

You made your response against me personal so you shall get the same treatment back.

The ultra competitive society that you espouse will ultimately break down as jobs are obliterated with the advent of AI. I don’t think you are going to be a big fan when that happens. But I could be wrong about that.

I am a big fan or free market and Capitalism. I am absolutely okay with the advent of AI and automation because some jobs are just archaic and not worth doing by hand. However, the people displaced from these jobs need to relearn new trades to have a place in this new world. No one owes them a thing, society is competitive and so should they be by going back to school or whatever.

Ahh. Retraining is the answer. Of course. Retraining to other job areas that will also soon be eliminated. There aren’t enough jobs now. College degrees in engineering are no guarantee today, and are becoming less valuable. Wait until you see the job landscape a generation from now with the advent of AI. I don’t think you fully grasp the job revolution that is coming yet. Musk estimated that the entire transportation sector (taxi drivers, pilots, truckers,…) will be eliminated. That is 12% of the work force. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you think these people will easily be redeployed? Keep dreaming. AI replacement of workers will not represent the classic ‘horse and buggy shift to the automobile’ which creates new jobs in the new technology as the old industry dies. AI will simply do the work of displaced humans. No new jobs are created in a new technology with AI – just the elimination of human employment by the AI. Humans will simply not be able to compete (I assume you are human). I think it is extremely unwise and destabilizing for a democratic society to throw large segments to the curb. You evidently are… Read more »

If that is what the free market wills of it, then so be it. The market will always take care of itself.

What about people and their lives? Are people commodities who have value only if they can compete and continually adapt to the changing job market? Should we start shooting people when they can no longer work and start to become ‘useless eaters’? That would certainly be more efficient and cost effective for corporations – would it not? Think of the tremendous savings in health care and retirement costs.

People’s lives have intrinsic value beyond serving your God – the mighty FREE MARKET. A broken societal fabric is not worth serving this false God.

We understand each other’s ideals with this exchange. It’s going no where because no one is going to convert here. How about the topic of discussion goes back to Ford building their future EV in Mexico, eh?

BTW – You ignored my question – instead preferring to deliver your sermon on an ‘entitlement mentality’ and an imagined ‘right to employment’ (something I never mentioned). Please address the question:

If instead labor costs increased to 10% from 7%, we’d all have to pay 3% more per car, but workers and municipalities would get a 42% increase in wages and tax revenue. Would that not be healthier for our society?

Just to preface; union and right to employment mean the same thing.

I fail to understand how workers and municipalities would get a 42% increase in wages and tax revenue. Where does the 42% number come from?

Dennis Wilson must think Trump cares. Trump made a big deal about helping Carrier in Indiana and saving jobs. Carrier in Indiana now has less jobs but they kept the incentive money they received.

Yeah, did he really believe the Orange Wannabe Dictator’s lies? If so, then he’s a fool. Heck, even the majority of those who voted for El Trumpo know better than to believe what he says.

This is how NAFTA is killing the US and Canada. Trump talks about getting rid of it, but Mexico should just be removed from it. Keep our good paying production jobs here.

This has nothing to do with NAFTA and everything to do with the bi-lateral trade agreements Mexico has with the rest of the world. These EVs are intended for world markets which want EVs. Not the Americans who buy their extremely profitable SUVs and F-150s. Americans who absolutely hate Elon Musk and electric vehicles.

One view is that jobs in Mexico help stem illegal immigration. A healthy Mexican economy keeps people from looking elsewhere for jobs.

Lol…people look for higher wages and better life when they migrate. Do you really think mexicans are just going to work for $10/day there when just few miles north they can get $11/hour?

If they don’t have a green card, yes. Not as simple as changing parking lots.

I take you are not from California…otherwise you would know many industries don’t check work status.

If you had enough money to put food in the table, why would you leave everything and everyone you know and love, risk your life with the people and environment along the way to then be at risk of being abused and exploited at all times because you can’t report anything to the police?

Those of us who have the luxury to have shelter and food are the ones that have the option to wait for the legal way to run its course. I would never risk my life crossing the dessert and willigly leave my kids behind to never kiss/hug them again, money is not everything.

There are alot of misconceptions about US immigration, one of the most ridiculous is that most immigrants walk the desert to get in when in fact most enter by airplane and become illegal by overstaying their visas. Also, why would you assume that most immigrants can easily have food on their tables? My advice to you and anyone that thinks that way is to visit the world.

“Do you really think mexicans are just going to work for $10/day there when just few miles north they can get $11/hour?”

In the real world, the significant improvement in the Mexican economy over the past few years has coincided with a significant drop-off in illegal border-crossing.

In the real world, there is a causal connection there. This isn’t opinion, it’s fact. You know, actual facts… not fake news.

Feel free to post your studies confirming your “facts”.

That is why Norwegians are unlikely to give up their excellent standard of living and emigrate to the Mango Mussolini’s sh#thole

“Mango Mussolini”

I love it!

For “what not to do” training?

Blame Bill Clinton he pushed NAFTA through in the first place and the UAW leadership endorsed him anyway.

Repiblicans created nafta and send it to his desk since gob had congress and can overveto Clinton

Overveto? Actually, Clinton could have refused to sign and the GOP did not have the 2/3rd vote needed to override the veto. Gore, his VP, famously debated Ross Perot on national television – all to sell the benefits of NAFTA. Sorry – Clinton does not get a pass.


Nothing to be sad about here Ford is just showing they are truly committed to multi multiculturalism and diversity…

UAW President Dennis Williams said: “I mean, 7% of vehicle cost is labor. How much do they need to make in profits?” Q: How can you tell when a UAW mouthpiece is lying? A: When his mouth is moving. I remember reading that back in the days of the GM bailout, $1000 of every GM car was the pension paid to retired auto workers. I expect that is less now, but still I’ll bet that Williams is cherry-picking a figure which deliberately ignores the costs of pensions and health plans for workers. I’ll bet it also ignores the labor cost of producing parts for cars. I’ll even bet that his “7%” figure is a cherry-picked number that doesn’t represent the average. According to a CBS News article, “(according to the UAW) labor costs account for about 10 percent of the cost of producing a vehicle”. (source below) So it looks like UAW mouthpieces can’t keep their lies straight. * * * * * I’ll say it again: Small local unions are generally a benefit to workers. Large national unions all too often become as predatory on their own workers as Big Business. And as prone to dishonesty and corruption, too.… Read more »

What was the Saying? Numbers, Statistics, & Lies?

My own employer has told us in Quarterly Financial Meetings that ‘Labour Costs = 12% of the Product Cost’ – and then they come to us asking to help them save 25% of the Product Cost! Unusual? No! Not Automotive – But Aerospace! Different? Still No!

It was Basically them telling us they need more concessions – in a time when they lack ability to be creative about making their product more valuable, and better for the client, when competing against cheaper competitors products, and after dropping their own lower cost versions of the line! They also misuse talent, information, and ideas they do receive, about increasing the opportunities in improving product operational efficiencies, hence being and remaining less competitive!

“Increasing productivity” is code for slashing employee pay and benefits.

GM employees and retirees got fvcked over during the bailout and bankruptcy, while top execs got massive bonuses and payouts.

With CMax Plugin discontinued and CMax Hybrid to be discontinued in a few months, Ford is left with only the Plugin/Hybrid version of Fusion, Lincoln MKZ-Hybrid and Focus-Electric.

What model Ford going to manufacture in Mexico is still in question, they have not teased any model so far.

The Mach 1 or whatever they call it 300 mile suv? It’s the only EV they’ve teased so far…

It will save the US workers from having to find another job when Ford eventually shuts that plant in Mexico.

Come to think about it, plant closures are probably easier to do in Mexico, but I don’t know that for a fact.

In either case, doesn’t sound like this plant will be around very long anyway.

There are auto plants these days that are completely automated. What are the expectations of assembly line workers for future jobs in this field? The problems brought up by this article are too numerous and deep to go through in detail but I think there needs to be a complete rethink of socio-economic models to take into account automation and education/training requirements. Anyone who expects the big corporations to be their mothers are in for a nasty shock. Learning to survive in a traditional capitalist economy will become increasingly tougher unless you’re part of the 1 percent. Trump, isolationism, and trade unions are definitely not the answer!

“There are auto plants these days that are completely automated.”


German industrial giant Siemens has entered into a partnership with the group to produce their Uniti two-seater electric car. Prototypes will be available later this year. The partners are planning to design a fully automated Industry 4.0 facility in Malmö, Sweden, to produce as many as 50,000 cars a year beginning in 2018.

‘Plans’ is not what you had stated. Words matter.


The movie “Minority Report”, didn’t you see it?

Ah yes, excellent documentary.

The US/State governments are destroying education. Look who that moron president put in charge of education. The decline in education will be the decline of the US.

Don’t even get me started on that topic…

Maybe we should talk it more, honestly, there is not one other topic of more importance.

“The decline in education will be the decline of the US.”

Too late, it already is. Especially in the Great State of Kansas, where I live, but probably even worse in the deep South.

“We’ve got to have a higher level of education to meet the next generation of technology. We’re being left behind for a lot of greed.”

Spot on. But this is in line with the GOP strategy for keeping power. Anti-intellectualism and anti-science, keep people from being able to use critical thinking skills. Sadly, it will mean the decline of US leadership in Technology that has kept the US ahead.

For goodness’ sake, if Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii runs in 2020, please take her seriously. She’s got brains, courage, integrity, and is into renewables. Sorry to plug a politician here but there is so much at stake.

She’s been involved in many initiatives to make quality education accessible to all (like free community college). And in case her status as a Hindu woman makes her seem weak and vulnerable, she quit her job as a Congresswoman to serve two tours in Iraq in the Army. She’s also a surfer, martial artist and vegetarian.

What? Vote for a vegetarian?!?! 😉

The UAW president can’t believe Trump isn’t speaking up?

I hope he’s being snarky because otherwise he is one gullible rube.

Heard only 3 out of 55 states have been charging road tax of around $200 for the past few years Georgia, Virginia, and one other state, GA DFS office happens to be near the apartment 95% visitors are of Mexican origin coming there to file or collect benefits.

Ford will build 1000 ev’s, nobody will buy their garbage, the plant will close in Mexico and the 19 jobs will come back to the US.

I’m not buying any Ford EV crap that’s for sure.

Your numbers are off. Ford sells Fusion & CMax hybrid and Energis also, they sell 1000+ of them a month easy. They sell over 1000 Focus Electrics a year…

UAW and Chrysler together have had a huge amount of corruption lately in their training programs, with mainly UAW officials and their wives pocketing the money.

I agree basically with Williams, but he also needs to stick to his knitting by cleaning his own house.

Trump even admits he lies – so anyone depending on him is going to be disappointed. He calls it “Truthful Hyperbole”.

Um, ALL Fusion Energi’s are built in Mexico.

I believe only CMax is built in the states and they are EOL this year.