UAE Tesla Owners Make Plea For Stores, Superchargers & Service Centers



Tesla owners in United Arab Emirates (UAE) had a meeting and put together a video to send a message to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for his company’s support. The Tesla owners are asking Musk to “bring Tesla to UAE”. They are hoping for stores, Superchargers, and service centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

UAE Tesla Owners Raving About Their Model S cars

UAE Tesla Owners Raving About Their Model S cars

Tesla currently has no service centers or Superchargers in the area. Jordan houses some Superchargers but they are not within single charge distances from UAE nations and are not even specified on Tesla’s charger maps. The charging locations are likely owned by private companies. Model S purchasers have to import their vehicles from other countries, using Tesla or a third-party to secure the transaction.

The group took inspiration from Portugal’s recent success in reaching out to to Musk for a Tesla store and service center. Success only meaning that Musk took notice and responded. Early reports said that all of Portugal and Spain would be covered by the end of 2015.┬áBased on current maps, there are two Superchargers not too far from Barcelona in Spain and┬ánone in or near Portugal. There are no stores or service centers in either country. Thus Portugal owners attempt to reach out.

UAE Tesla Owners With Their Cars Pleading For Elon To Bring Tesla To The UAE

UAE Tesla Owners With Their Cars Pleading For Elon To Bring Tesla To The UAE

Musk assured at the end of 2015 that Tesla will be moving into the remainder of the Middle East areas by the end of this year. The UAE is very affluent, so it only makes perfect sense for Tesla to expand there and to push prior to the inital delivery of the Model 3.

Tesla hasn’t made any public annoucements as to official plans or a timeline for moving forward in the UAE area. This may be simply due to the company being very busy on all fronts with the Model X on the roads or getting there in several markets, the Gigfactory, and the looming Model 3 reservations.

Check out the Portugal video that inspired the UAE.

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Odd that Tesla doesn’t have a store in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE considering the large number of high net worth individuals who reside there.

If the UAE wants those they build them, plenty oil money there.

It’s not UAE that wants Tesla to build chargers, but actual Tesla car owners who happen to live in UAE. UAE has a huge expat population, like 80% of people are from somewhere else.

When you say “plenty oil money there”.. it’s like saying to a Tesla owner in San Francisco.. hey build your own Chargers.. plenty of IT money there.

When Muammar Gaddafi was killed in Iraq they found a converted electric Fiat 500 in his compound that he had been using as a staff car.

I guess that goes to show that even the Arabs see the handwriting on the wall.

Correct about the Fiat. But Gaddafi was a Libyan dictator, not Iraqi.

Sorry for the Iraq typo, especially since I just rented two days ago the movie 13 Hours about the Benghazi incident in Libya.

Any new battery upgrade or better battery technology will cause a real high demand for EVs. What we are seeing today is only the beginning of the EV change in the automotive world. I am also sure that the most resistance to EVs will be here in USA.

I hate it when some US folk only choose to go EV for political reasons. Let the reason be the environment please. For humanity’s sake.