U.S. Tesla Sales In November 2018 Up By 592%

DEC 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 42

Tesla sells more EVs in the U.S. than all other manufacturers combined

In November, Tesla sold in the U.S. approximately 24,600 electric cars (InsideEVs’ estimation), which is the second-best monthly result ever. Annual growth rate hit a remarkable 592%!

Our estimates stand at:

  • Model 3 – 18,650
  • Model X – 3,200
  • Model S – 2,750
  • Total: 24,600 (up 592%)

The rolling 12-month Tesla sales tally in the U.S. increased to 178,000.

In the first 11 months of 2018, Tesla delivered over 159,000 BEVs:

  • Model 3 – 114,532
  • Model S – 22,495
  • Model X – 22,000
  • Total: 159,027 (up 290% from 40,812)

Cumulative sales of all three models is now exceeding 300,000:

  • Model S – 140,642
  • Model 3 – 116,304
  • Model X – 61,752
  • Total: 318,698

As you can see below, since Model 3 is delivered in volume, Tesla controls the majority of the plug-in market in the U.S. and absolutely dominates the all-electric segment.

Tesla’s share of plug-in car sales in the U.S:

  • July – 57%
  • August – 64%
  • September – 67%
  • October – 60%
  • November – 56%

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Tesla is absolutely the dominate OEM of compelling, long-range Electric Vehicles in the mid-high end range well supported by a Tesla ecosystem.

Worldwide, BYD Is the only real competitor in the plug-in segment, but it seems the Model 3 will push Tesla to the first place this year, after trailing close behind BYD in 2016 and 2017. Again it will be a close call in 2018.

BYD is not a competitor to Tesla. Up to this time, there have been NO competitors to Tesla, save maybe rimac.
The first real competitor to Tesla will be from Porsche. Maybe, just maybe, Jag is a competitor. It is hard to tell yet. But Porsche will have taycan out next year. That is a real competitor.

As to BYD EVs, they still sell low-end stuff for top dollars. That is why the majority of their sales remain ICE.

Imo all other «lyxury» brands is Teslas competitors
And what we see is Tesla taking a big bite of the segments they enter
For the time being it is the big and medium sedan market Tesla is eating..
Can hardly wait to see when Elon launch a compact suv and a pickup truck

And I want to see the share of the BEV market that Tesla holds. Because Tesla is not in the same segment with ‘hybrids’ and is not competing with any hybrid models dragging around old school ICE components.

I think Jaguar can’t be a competitor. The bare numbers of the iPace in consumption, range and charging speed are so far off the Tesla performance.

Obviously whether or not the I-Pace is a true competitor for Tesla cars on quality is a matter of opinion, and obviously there will never be a consensus on that.

But when it comes to quantity, there’s no contest at all. Jaguar isn’t even attempting to match Tesla’s level of BEV production, and I doubt it ever will.

What is interesting is demand is so high for I-Paces that they may almost double the original planned production, and that will still be a fraction of what Tesla plans to make next year.

It is not good enough to make a good BEV, you also need to produce it in the amounts necessary if you want to compete against Tesla.

Compare first year production of Jag Ipace with TMS.

Porsche and Jaguar are indeed looking like they may compete with Model S/X. That’s good news for them; those vehicles actually look like they’ll be good enough to sell in numbers.

But neither the Porsche nor the Jaguar are competitors to the Model 3. And since Tesla’s income from here on is going to be dominated by the Model 3 rather than the Model S/X, it doesn’t really matter whether the Taycan or the I-Pace are the long awaited “Tesla Killers”.

And that’s the thing. Sure, there are a few good EVs popping up now, and some very nice-looking ones on the horizon, but none of them are going to go head-to-head with the Model 3, which means that Tesla has absolute clear water ahead of it to keep on racking up the profits.

The question is, these new EV’s from Jaguar, Porche, Mercede’s and others are they really competing with Tesla or against there own ICE models? Does the I-Pace takes a sale away from an E-Pace or F-Pace? Also is it the initial sales or sales for the long run? Remember the Chevy Bolt how much it sold at the beginning then sales started to drop.

BYD announced November sales of 30 000+ with a year to date of 201 000+ (gasgoo news) I guess Tesla November worldwide around 28-30 000 and year to date 200 – 205 000. December Tesla will have an end of quarter / end of year / end of max rebate rush. BYD will have traditional Chinese end of year rush. I think Tesla wins by a small (5-10 000) margin.
By the way currently BYD is 30% BEV 30% Phev 40 % Icev. BEV share rising Icev dropping.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I have a hard time believing that BYD is any kind of serious competitor given that the build quality of Chinese cars is reputed to be horrible.

Also, I’m unaware of BYD passing any US safety tests.

True for now, but remember how low the quality was for Japanese cars when they first entered the American market… and how quickly that improved.

I won’t be surprised if BYD is one of the world leaders in making and selling BEVs, 8-10 years from now.

They are also dominant.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Time for an updated LOL Chart, the one that shows cumulative US sales by model.

Norway’s Top 4 EV’s outsold the the same models in the USA.

Can we please get a chart comparing Tesla car models to all cars being sold in the US? I think Tesla is big enough now

Model US US LY % Change YTD YTD LY % Change

Tesla Model 3 17,750 145 12,141.4% 96,417 262 36,700.4%
Volvo 90-Series 586 1,178 -50.3% 6,689 8,413 -20.5%
Infiniti Q70 302 378 -20.1% 3,778 4,986 -24.2%
Lincoln Continental 578 996 -42.0% 6,912 9,873 -30.0%
Acura RLX 139 99 40.4% 1,556 922 68.8%
Audi A6 47 1,217 -96.1% 5,821 12,994 -55.2%
Mercedes-Benz E / CLS-Class 4,186 4,681 -10.6% 36,201 37,037 -2.3%
Lincoln MKZ 1,617 2,211 -26.9% 16,538 23,155 -28.6%
Lincoln MKS 0 0 0.0% 0 153 -100.0%
Lexus GS 387 558 -30.6% 5,545 6,118 -9.4%
Lexus ES 4,531 3,365 34.7% 38,875 42,440 -8.4%
Jaguar XF 171 469 -63.5% 1,944 3,813 -49.0%
BMW 5-Series 3,729 3,396 9.8% 34,910 31,913 9.4%
Audi A7 55 465 -88.2% 1,959 3,904 -49.8%

Total 34,078 Total 19,158 Total 257,145 Total 185,983
Here is some raw data, if you want a chart, make one.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Good Car Bad Car for November 2018 had Tesla Model 3 #16 for all light vehicles.
It was #12 excluding pick-ups.
It was #5 for passenger cars, behind the Camry, Accord, Civic and Corolla.

The Chevrolet Volt is still the all-time top selling plug-in car in the U.S. with just over 150,000 units by the end of November. But it seems it will lose the crown before the end of production next March. Even though the Model S is closer, my bet is the Model S wii surpass both by the end of February 2019.

Oops! I mean the Model 3 will become tha all-time best selling plug-in by February.

Note that the Volt started sales in Dec 2010!! GM drivetrain has not progressed much into other vehicles. A waste.

GM has certainly squandered their opportunities to leverage their EV tech into other models with the exception of the Non-plug in Malibu hybrid.

Yes indeed, GM most certainly did squander its lead in the PHEV field. And squandered it not because of incompetence, but because of deliberate corporate strategy to not make any plug-in EVs which would (or will) offer any real competition to GM’s gasmobiles.

Sad. 🙁

That’s a very safe bet. Most likely Model 3 will take that crown this month.

I don’t know – 34,000 is going to be hard to hit. 28k maybe

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Especially hard to overtake if Volt repeats its November numbers.
But how would we know whether it overtakes it without the LOL Chart?

Mr. Bob Lutz we are craving for your insight of how Tesla WILL FAIL.
We miss the comedy show, please come and give your insights

Bob L. Tesla acts like they are the only ones that can electric cars.
Me. They are not acting.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

All while GM closes factories and lays off thousands.
How about Via motors? How many deliveries………HELLLLLOOOO!!
Slob Klutz…..you home??

For some reason, Via Motors isn’t bragging about all those conversion vans and pickups they’re selling.

I wonder why that is? 😛

Does anyone have figures on Via Motors sales? The Wiki page and Via’s website say nothing useful.

Their YouTube page stop getting videos 4 years ago, and YouTube in general has it’s last video of Via Motors over a year ago.

They do not seem to be doing well. Making EVs may be a little harder than Bob thinks.

@Mark Kane – thank you for these graphs. I found them to be very informative – please continue to publish these.



The bars are the tallest in the last month of each quarter (March, June, September, December).

In the months of March, June and September we see that the red bars are shorter than the blue bars.

Will the red bar also be shorter than the blue bar in December?

2 milestones will come soon:
1) Tesla will be the most EV selling brand in the world – combined sales of all 3 models will beat Leaf Nissan Leaf
2) Model 3 sales will beat Nissan Leaf sales becoming the most selling EV car in the world

Global cumulative sales of the Leaf should be approaching 400k by the end of December, so despite the current hot sales of the Model 3, it will take much more than a year to catch up the Leaf. Also consider that this is a demand peak created by the 400k queue, so when the Model 3 gets closer to the Leaf we don’t know what the off peak demand is going to be. At the present sales rate, the Leaf will reach 500k before the end of 2019.

Tesla has outgrown the EV “Niche” comparisons They are now a dominant global brand. I think it’s counterproductive to keep portraying them as big fish on the little pond. Time to show they are a great white unleashed into an ocean of ICE prey.

Bet ua GM sales are not up 592%

GM shutting down factories and models reflects that fact.