U.S. Tesla Sales In December 2018 Up By 249%


More than 25,000 Model 3 and Over 7,000 S/X is outstanding

In December, Tesla set its new monthly sales record in U.S. with roughly 32,600 electric cars delivered (InsideEVs’ estimation), which is also 249% more than year ago.

Our estimates stand at:

  • Model 3 – 25,250 (up 25-times)
  • Model X – 4,100 (up 24%)
  • Model S – 3,250 (down 35%)
  • Total: 32,600 (up 249%)

In effect, the rolling 12-month Tesla sales tally increased to over 191,000.

In 2018, Tesla delivered over 191,627 BEVs:

  • Model 3 – 139,782 (up 7788% – just in case you want to know)
  • Model S – 25,745 (down 5%)
  • Model X – 26,100 (up 22%)
  • Total: 191,627 (up 282% from 50,139)

Cumulative sales of all three models is now above 350,000:

  • Model S – 143,892
  • Model 3 – 141,546
  • Model X – 65,852
  • Total: 351,298

Next month, the Model 3 will be above the Model S.

Here’s how Tesla sales in the U.S. compare to global results:

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Thank you! I had been impatiently waiting for these charts 🙂

Do Not Read Between The Lines

There’s only 1 chart I’m waiting for …

A J curve.

Funny how Yahoo and other hater outlets spin it differently. Expiration of Tesla’s tax credit resulting in lowering of the car price somehow equals less demand for their product? Bizarre how desperate Americans are to see an American company fail.

Media just reacts to the stock price. Had TSLA risen yesterday every story would have been about Tesla setting growth records, grabbing market share, etc.

Never mind! Tomorrow will be different.

Really strange, Americans where normally very proud of American company.
I’m a Canadian and we where not like that.

But money rules and petrol is really big and a lot of jobs are dependant of that industrie. But horses where there befoe and when cars came there where some jobs lost, but new ones where created, you have to move with the flow instead of fighting it.

@ Mark Kane

Thank you for all these great charts.

They provide a good historical and overall view.

The last chart tells the story of all the Tesla EV deliveries in a cumulative build up per quarter, the result is a great historical overview.


Keep making such charts.

Thank you

These numbers are stunning when you consider the current environment; $2.20/gallon gasoline, a sedan with an ASP well over $50k, zero advertising by Tesla, no lease options, and the general public’s lack of experience with EVs.