U.S. Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales On The Graph!

JUN 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

Plug-In Sales in U.S.

Plug-In Sales in U.S.

2014 Nissan LEAF

2014 Nissan LEAF

Plug-in electric car sales in the US hit an all-time high in May with 12,000-plus sold. May represented the 42nd straight month of sales growth year over year for plug-in vehicles in the US.

This is amazing and so we decided to check out how this growth looks on a graph.

In the early days, the growth was significant: 643% in December 2011.

Then, with an increasing volume of sales, we every month showing a positive year over year gain.

Below, we see the same graph limited to just  the last 1.5 years and in recent months, the pace of growth is stabilizing on the level of 20-50%, with a 62% increase in May.

The worst result was in March 2014 Рjust 15%, because the year earlier the 2014 Nissan LEAF introduction led to a record 2,236 deliveries.  This record has since been shattered by the LEAF.

Plug-In Sales in U.S.

Plug-In Sales in U.S.

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The graph will only get better, as oil companies raise prices, on Iraq news.

A nice addition to the graph would be the number of PEVs models that are available for sale in all states each period.

A lot of year-over-year growth can e attributed to new models being added to the sales lineup. More PEV choices equal more PEV sales.

Currently 17 available models. EDTA is calling for a combined 16 additions between now and 2016. Their number includes FCVs but still the number continues to push forward at a progressive rate.

New models wont stop showing up, it will only increase even faster and you can add all the return buyers and leases running out as 95% of them will return to another EV. Those gains are solid and growing.
sales for 2012: 57K
sales for 2013: 97K
sales for 2014: ???…….200K?, close?

I expect sales 2014 to be more like 140k. This would be an increase of more than 40%, which would reflect the last few months pretty good. ( 20 % 30% 20% 15% 62% –> 40% ??)

what do you think?

My prediction of 2014/2013 is 1.35. That is. Full year growth increase of 35% YoY for the full year. In 2015 I predict another 30% growth over 2014. In terms of unit numbers, that is about 135K and 180K. I just son’t see a catalyst yet for explosive growth. We all wanted it back in 2010 with the introduction of the Leaf and Volt. But those areas of the US which had high growth did it on the back of HOV lane access in CA, state incentives like in Atlanta Georgia who paid a ridiculous $5000 rebate to 2-year Leaf lease holders and more. Without sizeable incentives, other areas are selling slowly.

And what is driving the uptrend in May of 2014? High sales in the PiHV such as the PiP and Ford models. With 11 mile electric range, or less, but coming with HOV lane access, many PiP buyers are actually buying and not plugging them in to get the vaunted Green Sticker in CA and elsewhere. At the same time, Volt sales are somewhat light and Tesla is focusing on exports as the US order backlog has been caught-up as of early 2014.

As of May 9th no more green HOV stickers are being issued for the Toyota PiP so apparently they are being purchased for other reasons.


More green stickers are coming. Plus Prius owners are loyal with some on their third car. Two regular Prius just drove past me while I am typing this on my phone. Buying a Prius was their green cred. Plugging it in extends that. It is what they know and there is a federal tax credit for buying one. Making it a better choice for some buyers who are loyal to the model rather than switch to a yucky Ford or stinky Volt or others that they don’t feel comfortable with. The PiP may end up outselling all others on a monthly basis eventually. But the intention is to increase the green cred while staying with their brand.