U.S. Plug-In Electric Car Sales Outlook, H1 2016 – California VS Rest Of U.S.

SEP 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Reuters Graphics released some interesting and interactive graphs (pictured above) with plug-in electric car sales comparisons.

The data isn’t terribly timely in this case (through June of 2016), so the 2016 results are fairly muted to current reality as plug-in sales in the US were up 66% in August (details), and 50% in July (details)…the two largest back-to-back moves since, well, ever.

But what we do clearly see the a huge role played by California expressed as a percentage of those sales. The state often boasts sales higher than rest of the states combined.

Unprecedented is also the market share in California at over 3%. Of note, most of the sales in the Golden State are BEVs.

source: Reuters Graphics

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This is why many manufacturers don’t even bother with many of the other states when it comes to BEV sales.They could just look at where a 50 state BEV such as the LEAF has sold the most, and exclude the other states.

These graphs should have gone exponential years ago!

I am Governor Jerry Brown
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Your kids will meditate in school

California Über Alles

Dead Kennedys were being sarcastic but Jerry Brown has been the productive hippy bringing on change.

We knew that California was far out ahead as the #1 State for BEV (Plug-in EV) sales, but I find it startling to see that in some cases, it outweighs the entire rest of the country! I’m surprised all those other CARB States have so little impact on the total.

“Of note, most of the sales in the Golden State are BEVs.”

I guess this graph doesn’t include PHEVs. What else would be included? Surely the tiny number of FCEV sales (fool cell cars) doesn’t have much of an impact on the numbers.

Actually, it does include PHEVs (can be a bit tricky), they have the cumulative US total at just over 450 though June, and they drag a bit on some of the more obscure/Tesla data…so add in another almost 30k for future results from July and August (+ laggards) and you are close to the ~500k sold currently in US.

Just as a point of interest on the splits for California (through June):

BEV: 110,599
PHEV: 105,322
FCEV: 419 (with this FCEV total to double in August, thanks to the (very out of the ordinary)371 Mirai sales in California in August)

A number of manufactures only make there cars available in CA or only have a good stock of there cars in CA so it is not surprising that the rest of the country trails far behind including the other CARB states…
I beliive in 2018 the manufactures will be required to sell there EVs in all CARB states and not just CA for compliance purposes…

Of course rebates and car pool lanes access help there sales in CA too…

Well, PHEV will expand in CA with the recent allowance of unlimited numbers of Green HOV stickers.

The article’s comment about CA selling more BEV than PHEV changes year by year, and of course this year BEV had a huge HOV sticker incentive advantage in CA.

There needs to be a stated duration for HOV stickers. If someone gets one then the next year they can not, the buying decision is compromised.

Yes, We Californians put money where our mouth is.

The rest of you need to stop making excuses.

Spark EV, eGolf, Soul EV, and many other cars offered almost exclusively in California. Hard to buy what isn’t there. Not to mention some of those crazy good lease deals offered only in Cali.

Those cars you listed don’t make up the bulk of the sales.

Most of it are just LEAF and Volt and Tesla.

Those are available in the rest of the country.

Of course it would help those in other states if there was an additional $2,500 in state tax incentives and a free HOV sticker. The $5,000 tax incentive did wonders in GA until they repealed it.

Volt sales continued without HOV stickers and its $1500 was on hold.

Plenty of other states offer similar incentives as CA but their Volt sales still don’t come close.

I think it has more to do with the people at the end of the day.

The main reason, as mentioned earlier in this thread, the rest of the non carb states don’t get 3/4ths of the current models for sale and the ones for sale are not priced as favorively. In California, gen 2 volts lease 150-200 month where as I was quoted nearly 400 month for a Lt 36 month 15k lease. They would sell much better elsewhere if the middle were availability and pricing was more favorably.

Let’s face it CA mandates ZEV sales so the autos have incentive$ to make sales happen or else pay the penalty for not selling plug-ins.

I am a bit confused if ZEV sales are mandated to the same extent in the other CARB states.

Here’s some shut up juice for those complaining about gm selling bolt to California first.