U.S. Plug-In Car Sales Exceed 15,000 For First Time, Touching 1% Market Share


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Thanks to Tesla’s end of quarter full-court press for deliveries, it now seems that a new plug-in car sales record happens every three months.

The last three being December 2015 (13,699), March 2016 (13,845), and now June 2016 (~15,040) – full June details/model sale breakdown can be found here.

The June result is first time ~15,000 plug-ins were sold in a month (and first time past 14,000 too).

With strong momentum (growth of 45% year-over-year in June) and 19.2% YTD, the prospects for second half are great, especially so many new models coming (13 new or improved models are estimated to still arrive).

In June we celebrates one more milestone – 1% of market share. Well, technically it is 0.99% (vs 1,513,901 total auto sales), but some of the plug-ins numbers are estimations because not all the manufacturers reveal their sales specifically when part of a sub-brand (ie-Sonata vs Sonata PHV) so we won’t split any hairs on how close the share is to 1% ourselves.   For all intents and purposes, it is 1%.

Also the YTD market share is highest ever for the US at 0.75%.

U.S. Plug-in car sales – June 2016

U.S. Plug-in car sales – June 2016 (note Model X/NA)

One more look at the mainstream plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. since December 2010:

U.S. Plug-in car sales – June 2016

U.S. Plug-in car sales – June 2016

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very soon there is going to be a stampede. What will the trolls do then?

There may not be stampede, but definitely there will be a steady increase in sales led by the newly launched Fusion which will be followed by i3, Ioniq, Prius-Prime, Bolt and so on.

2018 will see a big movement with the launch of Model-3.

I’m all for as many EV’s and phevs as possible but what makes you think a stampede is coming?

If the Model 3 comes out on time, even with 5k sales per month due to slow initial production ramp up, and the Bolt sells even as little as GM’s unambitious plans, and the updated i3 and Leaf pick up only slightly from current levels, and you still get 5-6 new mediocre models introduced next year, we should be seeing the latter months of 2017 getting 2% market share.

Anything higher than that will seriously endanger any growth in the ICE lines of traditional automakers. No growth = panic in boardrooms = stampede to introduce EVs, where all the growth has shifted.

With Tesla & BMW steadily growing their production and Ford doing well with their Energi line, by spring of next year the addition of sizable numbers (2500 per month or more?) of Bolt sales will probably push us over the 2% point. If the 60 kWh Leaf is out by then it will certainly add to the numbers.

Regardless, by April of next year we will be seeing a decent amount of plug in cars on the road, and that is a very good thing.

I really hope this is the beginning of a serious uptick in sales, with BMW filling it’s supply line and new models like the bolt, leaf 2, outlander, pip 2 and others coming in the next 12 months hopefully we can be well on our way to 2-4% before the tax credits completely run out and cause another 2015ish pause for breath.

…and this is happening with gas hovering just above 2.00 a gallon. Imagine if gas had stayed at $3-$4.

Total US plug in sales should pass 500,000 at the end of August.