U.S Navy Looking To Lease 400-600 Electric Vehicles

FEB 4 2016 BY MARK KANE 32

Nissan's EVs Armed For Ultraman X

Nissan’s EVs Armed For Ultraman X

Veteran's Day Model X & Model S

Veteran’s Day Model X & Model S

The U.S Navy is moving forward with its plan to lease up to 600 passenger electric cars for Navy and Marine Corps installations located in California.

The latest announcement is to lease from 400 to 600 BEVs (only pure electrics are being considered) for 12 months with options for 24- or 36-month extensions.

While the U.S Navy limits itself to all-electric cars, there are still plenty of military-grade EVs these days – from Nissan’s Ultraman X (armed as standard), to Tesla’s veteran edition Model S & X, or even Fiat’s 500e Stormtrooper Edition.  There are also electric motorcycles like Zero MMX too.

In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 12, this procurement will be processed as a commercial item acquisition.  This procurement consists of one solicitation with the intent to award one IDIQ Facilities Support Contract Services to commercially lease between 400 and 600, 100% electric vehicles for use at the Navy and Marine Corps installations located in California including but not limited to:  Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base Coronado, NAF El Centro, Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Naval Base Ventura County, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Naval Air Station Lemoore, Naval Support Activity Monterey, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, MCB Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twenty-Nine Palms.  Services to be performed under the resulting contract may include the following Facilities Support (FSC) Services:  passenger vehicle leasing, providing web-based telematics services, roadside assistance services, and preventative maintenance services.

This is an UNRESTRICTED procurement – any size business may submit a proposal.  The basic contract period will be for 12 months, with two (2) 12-month options for a total maximum duration of 36 months.  The Government will not synopsize the options.  The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code is 532112 and the size standard is $38.5 million dollars.”

Fiat 500e "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Stormtrooper

Fiat 500e “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Stormtrooper

 Zero MMX

Zero MMX

Source: Department of the Navy via Green Car Congress

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If they want such a low number of BEVs, maybe they should look into this Hummer conversion vehicle…


I hope they have enough sense to, BUY ALL AMERICAN….Made In “USA”

The Buy America Act allows sales from all the countries we trade agreements with and that includes Japn, Tiawan, and most of the countries in Europe. Even “American” auto manufacturers get a lot of their parts from other countries. I think it’s impossible to buy only American when you are talking about automobiles.

Does that Hummer have Falcon Wing doors?

No, but you can put a roof rack on the Hummer kind of like the one on the Model S.

What’s with the reference to the cartoon cars? The Navy is looking to lease real, every day BEVs. I would like to know what models were selected and if the contract includes multiple models or all of the same model. 600 BEVs would kick total plugin sales up by one half of 1% for 2016, that’s pretty big coming from a single client. That will be a big chunk of BEVs hitting the used car market when those leases expire.

Fun. That’s the point. To have fun.

Some of us take electric vehicles very seriously. With over $6 million at stake I’m sure the Navy takes this BEV lease contract very seriously also.

Texas FFE

“What’s with the reference to the cartoon cars? The Navy is looking to lease real, every day BEVs.”

Yes, I hope to see a follow-up article that doesn’t treat the subject as a joke.

At least by limiting it to BEVs it will force people to plug them in. If they did PHEVs people would just gas them up for free and never plug in, like the GE employees did.

Well, PHEVs would be fine . . . they should just tell the people that use them that no gasoline costs will be reimbursed such that the people will try to plug in at every opportunity.

No, they won’t plug it in. They will argue and debate that they couldn’t find a plug-in and just use gasoline. End of discussion.

I am pleasantly surprised that a US government agency actually figure this one out. Hopefully they will only put the cars in locations that have good quick charging infrastructure like the West Coast Of the USA.

Obviously, San Diego is a huge Navy town and we will be very happy to have many more EVs.

If they still make Rav4EV, they could’ve contracted out Chademo to Quick Charge Power. I wonder if you can apply for part of this so they can select non-DCFC for conversion (FocusEV?). Then you’d get expertise in conversion for new car for free as well as having customer.

Quick math: 38,500,000 / 600 vehicles / 36 months = ~1782/mo. That is Tesla model X or S P90 money easily.
As Texas FFE said, great boost to EV sales and good used market later!

“passenger vehicle leasing, providing web-based telematics services, roadside assistance services, and preventative maintenance services”

This is the requirements for the contract. From what I read, a Tesla would be very fitting as the web-based telematics is already there, the roadside assistance may be a little more work for Tesla, but a few more employees doing Ranger work and they are good!

Even Government agencies lease, so they can take advantage of the $7500 tax credit that they, like so many private citizens, don’t have a tax obligation to offset the tax credit. I’m sure they would buy them if it was a credit to the manufacturer at the sale of a BEV.

Ooooh, that is a GREAT point. The least company gets the tax-credit and the government lessor gets a low price.

Hope Tesla takes advantage of this to give more exposure for their vehicles. Extra bonus because it’s an American car.

Of course they’ll probably have to wind the power down a little bit, lest everyone driving it decides they want to do 0-60 in ludicrous mode.

Barring that, if they wait a year, I’m sure GM will be happy to lease Chevy Bolts to the military as well.

Meh. Selling expensive Model S cars to the military would be bad optics.

Perhaps the Model 3.

Only pure electrics? Hmm. OK . . .

Perhaps the Ford Focus Electric for ordinary driving around.

I think the Zero MX bikes would be great for stealth missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc.

The Chevy Bolt would be a good pure electric but not available yet.

As Trey M pointed out above, $38M for 600 EV is some serious money, enough to lease Tesla S / X. Even with overhead, we’re still talking about far more than any mid level EV.

Maybe GM and Navy have a hidden agreement to lease Bolts.

Gotta wonder why they are leasing for only 12 months. To qualify for the California Clean Vehicle Rebate ($2,500) they need to have the vehicle for at least 30 months.

Do you think a US government agency is going to request a state rebate?

Rebates usually go to the lessee and the federal government cannot ask states for rebates. But, since these vehicles are leased, the lessor can receive the $7,500 federal tax credit.

Don’t know. Hence my wondering. Is there a prohibition against them getting a state rebate?

It’s Government what can you expect? l o l

Is that really a Veterans Day Model X next to the Model S? It looks wayyy worse than the Model S, but in other standalone pictures looks very nice.


That is a Model X; you can tell by the distinctive front end.

Whether or not it’s “real”… well, just look at the outline of the tires of the X vs the S, and you can see the perspective is rather different. I’m guessing the image (photo? computer render?) of the X was squashed horizontally before being Photoshopped in. Contrariwise, the S looks a bit stretched, so perhaps that’s also Photoshopped in.

Just prospective, it is real – story here (video below):

Veteran’s Day Tesla Model X

that grey colour is fascinating!!!

RE used cars, as ex-military, I’d be as interested in an ex-military Tesla as a LA police car Tesla.. jus’ sayin..

Seems like they have a Lot o’ money to devote to these performing to spec – a Fleet of mX with military insignia, particularly if they could keep ’em on the road forever like -most- military vehicle (see also, AMC Hornets, when the company was bankrupt) would be a great statement to veterans, if not the general populace.