U.S. Jaguar EV Sales Share Increased To 6.4% In December

JAN 10 2019 BY MARK KANE 15

Almost 1 per 15 Jaguar sold in U.S. were all-electric

Jaguar I-PACE sales in the U.S. increased last month to 223 (393 total after over two months), which is enough to capture more than 6.4% of the total volume for the brand.

It’s really not bad for the beginning, especially since Jaguar was busy and constrained by orders in Europe – where some 2,621 cars were sold in the Netherlands alone, before EV incentives get lowered.

We still don’t know what part of Jaguar sales will be all-electric in the U.S., but at least 10-20% we believe.

Currently, Jaguar is probably selling more than 3,000 I-Pace worldwide per month (we need to wait for the final numbers).

Jaguar I-PACE sales in U.S. – December 2018

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I bet the numbers in Norway would be 85-90% electric.

The BBC doom and gloom reported job losses at JLR due to diesel sales dropping but not one mention of how well the i-Pace is doing.
What’s going on BBC is there a hidden agenda not to support British success or is it just EV’s perhaps BBC journalists should earn their keep and be asking why they are not made in the U.K.

The job losses are in the UK, the gains through the IPace are in Austria and Korea.

AFAIK, they are making room in Solihull for the forthcoming Electric F-Pace where the Discovery was made which is going to Slovakia (a hedge against a no-deal BREXIT)

Yes and they kept diesel in the U.K. Do you think the one that made that decision will loose his job?

Yes, but like the stupid loss here in Oshawa where GM is closing the plant, why is not the union in England trying to bring I-Pace production to Britain. Even with Brexit there will be sales to be made there.

Why would an Indian company be making them in the U.K? Former colonial masters don’t get first dibs on car factories!

Perhaps we’re the best at making cars and Indians will also be loosing jobs in the U.K. So it’s the black hole for all of us.

If this was 100 years ago, the BBC would likely bemoan job losses among buggy makers and ignore gains in gas cars.

Again: Mainstreamers don’t buy cars the same way we EV enthusiasts do. Heck, mainstreamers don’t buy cars the way other mainstreamers do.

This is why I keep saying on this site that we need as many different EVs of as many different types (SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, etc.) from as many makers as possible. To sell to a very broad group of consumers we need to overcome the barriers individual consumers erect. Look at all the comments we see here from people who claim they won’t consider any vehicle that lacks 4WD or towing capability. Non-EV enthusiasts are just as adamant about their preferences.

don’t forget the mandatory 7 seats… 🙂 🙂

Interesting. Maybe Jaguar has a chance at crossing the valley of death that is switching from ICE to BEV…

He who dares wins. He who doesn’t, doesn’t.

Brand loyalty plus a car that obviously plays heavily to the preferences of their customer base will build a pretty nifty bridge.

They had better. It is the luxury market that is getting wiped out by EVs right now. That’s pretty much their only market. They will get wiped out of they don’t transition.