Typical Chevy Volt Buyer is Male Age 51


A 51 Year-Old Male is the Typical Chevy Volt Buyer

A 51 Year-Old Male is the Typical Chevy Volt Buyer

After slashing the price of the Chevy Volt by $5,000, General Motors announced that sales of the Volt hit a record high of 3,351 units in August.

Chevy Volt - Do You Fit the Buyer Demographic?

Chevy Volt – Do You Fit the Buyer Demographic?

Who bought those 3,351 Volts?

Well, the law of averages says that most of those Volt were purchased by the typical Volt buyer.

So, who’s the typical Volt buyer?

According to General Motors’ spokeswoman Michelle Malcho, the typical Volt buyer is male (78%) age 51.

That 51 figure is down a bit from last year when the typical Volt buyer was 53 years of age.

So, if you’re 51-ish and male, then you fit the mold of the typical Chevy Volt buyer.

If not, then you can surely still buy a Volt, it’s just that you aren’t…umm…typical.

Source: Detroit News

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Wow, somebody here had to fit the profile. Typical as charged…..

I would imagine the price is part of the issue of that. Most 21 year olds can’t afford a Volt.

Luckily eventually used Volts will become cheap. For instance a 2011 is about $25,000 now, maybe a bit less

Despite the fact that many 21-35 year olds buy cars that have higher TCO, as many people look at sticker price and not the big picture.

Second 51 year old Volt driving guy to read this article. Which means it is kind of important to get a Volt SS out there and lower that age a bit. We older guys may have the money, but we need the Volt to be thought of as being a newer technology that is cooler than ICE vehicles. Although given the way a lot of younger people feel about cars…

Luckily the Volt is hackable to get a 0-60 time of 6 seconds. I wish GM would up the power themselves though.

And someone is trying to install a Chevy Cruze rear sway bar onto a Volt

31 year old male here, purchased jointly with my wife. Busted 75% of the profile!

47 when I got mine. Apparently, ahead of my time LOL.

Averages can be strange. If 1500 people age 30 buy one, and 1500 people age 70 buy one, the average is 50 years old, but that doesn’t mean that’s the typical buyer.

I wonder what the statistical distribution looks like?

Agreed, a distribution curve would mean something a number doesn’t.

And just because a 51 year old male bought it, it doesn’t mean his wife didn’t tell him to buy it for her for x-mas.

I was 29 when i bought mine: another mold breaker.

I was 37 when we got our Volt and it is technically my wife’s car (I’m still driving our 2011 Leaf) and she was 34 at the time.

Got to love stereotyping people and putting them in buckets >:(

We just never learn, do we?

I was 36 when I got my Volt. I do not make $175k+ a year. I do charge rather often in public (way more than 8% of the time, someone pointed #4 on the PlugShare “Explorers Leaderboard”). I am not a GM fanboi, a cheapskate, an environmental nazi, an energy buff, or a national security nut.

+1 vdiv! you sound exactly like me (well except for I was 33 when I bought my Volt 2yrs ago :D)

I was 48 and 49 when I bought my Volts. Would have been much younger if Volts had been available earlier.

26 high earner when I bought a 2012 Volt. Always liked cars and then got interested in alt vehicles. Now its no plug or no sale. Mostly leases when made sense. Had a 2011 Prius, 2011 Sorento V6, 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac V6, 2006 Scion tC RS 2.0, 2005 Ford Ranger V6, 1993 Bronco, and an 1988 F250.

I’m 27, if I was rich I’d buy a Volt or a Model S or a i3 immediately. Volt looks the best but the cargo space in a Model S is surprising.
The plan is to buy a Volt used way down the road when they get to $12K or so but who knows

41 when I leased mine.

I got my Volt at just a bit over 25. I could have gotten it at 23 but I was waiting…

I had been following the Volt sinve it was announced when I was only 20 uears old…so I’m probably not typical.

Awww, you stole my line Kent. I’ve been waiting 35 years to buy a Volt.

I wonder how old we’ll be when we finally get that jet backpack we were promised…

the volt is so good looking

If Volt was available in 1976, I would have skipped the Olds Starfire (a two-door hatchback). I was 22 then. Got my Volt @ 59.

So my name is on the Lease, so if they are looking for who signed the papers they got that part right. However, I got it primarily for my wife. She could have objected and requested something else but I probably persuaded her toward this or Leaf:) I wish I got to be the primary driver but since she drives 25-35 miles a day on the weekdays and I drive way less, it makes sense to make it hers.

I’m 39, she’s 35 so we are a tad on the young side but maybe not too far off. Once I’m 51 I’ll be a better judge of how far off I really was.

I am 27, but my Volt when I was 26. I am not rich just a very hard working Chinese food delivery guy.