Two Years After Launch, Autolib Has 40,000 Subscribers


Paris carsharing service Autolib— largest vehicle sharing service in the world that exclusively uses electric cars—completed two full years of operation.

40,000 Parisians currently subscribe to Autolib and almost all of them bought a 1-year subscription plan (over 38,000 according to some reports).

In its third year, Autolib expects to grow by another 25%.

Autolib has over 2,000 cars and over 4,000 charging points. Average distance for one driving session is approximately 9 km (5.5 miles) based on 3.4 million sessions. We believe that the average subscribers uses Autolib’s Bluecars once a week or less.

In parallel with the development of Autolib, Bollore is preparing clones of the car sharing service in other French cities.

Autolib’ sales trajectory

Autolib’ sales trajectory

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Wow! Two years already. Just goes to show that those of us that are impatiently waiting for electric vehicles to change the world just need to have a little patience and the future will be here soon enough.

I agree…time flys. While I waited for my LEAF, I recall reading about Autolib…seems like a month ago!