Two Tesla Superchargers Now Online In Denmark


“Denmark is now charged, we’ve opened our first Superchargers there.”

States Tesla Motors.

More specifically, Tesla Motors opened two Superchargers in Denmark:

“We’ve got two locations: Randers and Middelfart.”

Tesla’s Supercharger website currently lists only one location, Middlefart, with 4 stalls.  However, the image above shows the Middlefart, which appears to now have 8 charging stalls.

Update (June 21):  Tesla has updated their supercharging list/map and both units are now included

Tesla’s total Supercharger count in Europe is now listed at 18, with 94 more in the US and 3 in Asia.

Two Superchargers Shown Under "Coming Soon" Section -  Both Sites Are Open As Of Now Though

Two Superchargers Shown Under “Coming Soon” Section – Both Sites Are Open As Of Now Though

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8 Comments on "Two Tesla Superchargers Now Online In Denmark"

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He said “fart”… 😉

That will be expensive for Tesla, because Denmark has the worlds highest electricity costs.

I think they can afford it. And when they can’t then they can always install some SolarCity solar panels 😛

And if they were afraid of high electricity prices then they would definitely not build any superchargers in Germany.

That’s why Tesla was talking to BWM. The costs for the SuperChargers in Germany will be a massive and the very low sales will not compensate the losses.

A super charger station costs about $150 000. Every car sold pays about $3 000 for super charging.
That’s about 50 cars sold for paying for a super charger built.

Tesla have built 9 superchargers in Germany and sold 350 cars (=7 super chargers).
So they must be losing money… oh wait, they have sold 4600 in Norway alone, which would pay for building 92 stations alone.
I wonder if Tesla have any money left now that they have build 23 stations in Europe. 😉
What about electricity? Well add another $100-200 per car per year. It’s pocket change in comparason.

The picture above, shows in fact the Middelfart site, which can be recognised by the bridge (lillebæltsbroen) in the background. 🙂 The eight stalls are also whats been installed in middelfart, but at the opening there where only 4 active. 🙂

Both sites says “open now” on 🙂