Two Tesla Superchargers Now Online In Denmark


“Denmark is now charged, we’ve opened our first Superchargers there.”

States Tesla Motors.

More specifically, Tesla Motors opened two Superchargers in Denmark:

“We’ve got two locations: Randers and Middelfart.”

Tesla’s Supercharger website currently lists only one location, Middlefart, with 4 stalls.  However, the image above shows the Middlefart, which appears to now have 8 charging stalls.

Update (June 21):  Tesla has updated their supercharging list/map and both units are now included

Tesla’s total Supercharger count in Europe is now listed at 18, with 94 more in the US and 3 in Asia.

Two Superchargers Shown Under "Coming Soon" Section -  Both Sites Are Open As Of Now Though

Two Superchargers Shown Under “Coming Soon” Section – Both Sites Are Open As Of Now Though

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8 responses to "Two Tesla Superchargers Now Online In Denmark"
  1. Anon says:

    He said “fart”… 😉

  2. Suprise Cat says:

    That will be expensive for Tesla, because Denmark has the worlds highest electricity costs.

    1. Mikael says:

      I think they can afford it. And when they can’t then they can always install some SolarCity solar panels 😛

      And if they were afraid of high electricity prices then they would definitely not build any superchargers in Germany.

      1. Suprise Cat says:

        That’s why Tesla was talking to BWM. The costs for the SuperChargers in Germany will be a massive and the very low sales will not compensate the losses.

        1. Mikael says:

          A super charger station costs about $150 000. Every car sold pays about $3 000 for super charging.
          That’s about 50 cars sold for paying for a super charger built.

          Tesla have built 9 superchargers in Germany and sold 350 cars (=7 super chargers).
          So they must be losing money… oh wait, they have sold 4600 in Norway alone, which would pay for building 92 stations alone.
          I wonder if Tesla have any money left now that they have build 23 stations in Europe. 😉
          What about electricity? Well add another $100-200 per car per year. It’s pocket change in comparason.

  3. Kasper Beck says:

    The picture above, shows in fact the Middelfart site, which can be recognised by the bridge (lillebæltsbroen) in the background. 🙂 The eight stalls are also whats been installed in middelfart, but at the opening there where only 4 active. 🙂