Two Tesla Solar Roof Options To Be Offered This Year, Other Two Delayed


MAY 2 2017 BY MARK KANE 29

Tesla’s solar glass roof, introduced six months ago, are scheduled for production in 2017 but – as it turns out – only two out of four types will be ready this year.

Tesla Solar Roof production confirmed for 2017

During the live event, Tesla announced four solar tile options:

  • Textured Glass Tile
  • Slate Glass Tile
  • Tuscan Glass Tile
  • Smooth Glass Tile

Which of the 4 made the cut for 2016?  That has yet to be revealed.

In late March, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that orders book will be opened in April, which by looking at our desk calendar in front of us, didn’t happen.

“Speaking at TED “The Future You” in Vancouver on Friday, Elon Musk revealed that the company’s on track to begin selling two of the four Tesla Solar Roof selections this year.”

““Yeah we are starting off with two initially and then the second two will be introduced early next year,” Musk said.”

Tesla Solar Roof Glass Tile Options

source: Teslarati

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A key piece of info may have been which of the 2 are going to be offered this year and which 2 the following year.

Which makes me wonder if any are going to be released at all…

Hey look, a new username troll to spout anti-Tesla FUD.

I wonder which existing InsideEvs poster who is a shill, shorter or hater this is from?

It’s not really delayed if they were intended to be released in 2018 anyway.


Elon said this shortly after the reveal.

Two styles would be released initially. The two that received the most interest and then the other two later.

Yup. There is no “delay”, it was always a staged rollout from the beginning. The title seems to be taken from a Business Insider story that’s been widely debunked elsewhere. The Teslarati source they link to doesn’t say there was a delay.

I bet the manufacturing process doesn’t lend itself to quick/easy changeovers between products. Keeping costs down might mean building two lines and then adding two later.

Just my set of pennies.

My pennies agree with your pennies.

I’m guessing the smooth and textured glass are first to be delivered. They are the simplest and most like each other.

Another site is reporting that Musk said all along that they would start with fewer types and ramp up to more, so this may be no delay at all, or at least only a few days so far (referring to the order book date slip).

I do find it odd that a company would announce 4 types of roof which 2 coming much later. You’re opening the door to the Osborne Effect. And that’s no top of being just weird to announce what you can’t deliver. But the latter is something we see Tesla do over and order so it’s not weird for them.

I will counter your guess with: whichever are the two more expensive, because Tesla tends to sell the more expensive products first off the line.

The Osborne Effect is where you can’t sell your current product because of a future product.

But there is no signs of that happening between now and 2018. Tesla Solar has been taking reservations for months, with demand greatly outstripping their projected supply. There isn’t any sign of them not being able to sell everything they can manufacture in 2017 and more.

I know what the Osborne Effect is, thanks. And that’s what I’m talking about. If you announce 4 products and only 2 are available you run the risk that your customers don’t buy the 2 that are available because they would prefer the ones that aren’t available yet.

And Tesla has not been taking orders for months. It’s mentioned in the article. Musk said they would take orders in April, but they have not actually begun to do so. You not only state falsely they have been taking orders but then invent a level of demand too! That’s quite brazen lying.

They are going to be so expensive and less efficient per WATT compared to traditional solar, it makes me wonder who actually want it…

Do you know something we don’t?

He or she is an anti-Tesla troll.

The ad hominem attack is a poor one. Respond to the arguments; don’t childishly attack the person.

so says the self-admitted troll who posts about “how easy it is to troll Tesla”.


Was thinking the same thing….and what arguments?!

Four Electrics said:

“Respond to the arguments…”

Posting baseless lies does not rise to the level of “arguments”.

And it’s notable that the only one defending that Tesla basher is another Tesla basher: You.

Didn’t you hear that if it’s posted online it’s fact?

I was always curious about these things, having a standard cellar inverter DC series string installation (38 panels) at my home. Talked to an experienced Solar Installer at the local home show earlier this year, and, when I brought up “Solar Shingles”, the installer said he thought these would be ‘PREMIUM PRODUCTS’ only – most people would not be able to afford them and weould do better to put on a plain 35 year (or 60 year, depending on the roofer) along with the standard solar panels later. I said I’ve seen pictures of the “Solar Tiles” on (Multi) Million Dollar homes and they are beautiful, but people who do that have cash to burn. The installer said the main issue preventing widespread adoption is the complicated attachment to the roof. What is unknown, at least by me at this point, it the number of attachment points to the roof, and whether a ‘busing arrangement’ can be used INSIDE THE TILES to only occasionally bring the wiring out of the tiles. Doing it every single shingle would be unwieldy, so if that is the way it is done, or there are multiple layers of busing that must be applied –… Read more »

I’m curious too if there is a bus bar of some kind, which would make removing dead tiles easy, but would perhaps make walking on them treacherous. So many questions! But, I’ve driven one of his science projects every day for five years and Elon hasn’t disappointed me yet, ha.

“experienced Solar Installer at the local home show” equals salesman.

There are definitely open questions about how it will work, and it is definitely a premium roof.

But the person you talked to can’t sell or install Tesla Solar roofs, so of course he is going to say that what he sells is a better option….

As usual you have no clue as to what you are talking about. The guy was not a salesman.

But then, the WISE person speaks since he has something to say, and,

the FOOL speaks since he must say something.

It has to be a bar or some sort of interconnection in between the tile otherwise this will cost a fortune to install. Maybe they will unite a few tiles together and install as a bigger one piece. Speculating…I’m more curious about that technical details more than anything else.

I certainly am no expert on this, but a previous article on Tesla solar roof tiles said they would be assembled into a frame before delivery to the work site. Presumably some of the frames would be custom fit to the exact size of the roof.

The market certainly seems to be those who prioritize a “normal” looking roof over cost, so yes I’d expect to pay more for these than for regular solar panels.

Just speculating here: Given the fact that in most cases, those buying a house would rather not see solar panels on the roof, installing solar tiles that look like a normal roof might actually be a wise investment in many cases.

There are advantages other than looks. On smaller roofs (2 story houses) these tiles would be perfect when there is not enough space to put panels to cover the entire consumption. In my area the fire codes don’t allow you to get closer than 18″ to the ridges for fire access. My roof has 5 ridges and could not fit as many panels as i wanted. With this the entire roof is covered.

I just don’t care which one gets made first. Just get them to market so I can get my roof done!

I’m a bit of a Luddite and not even sure what a troll is but I’ve noticed a pattern with all the online chatter related to Elon Musk and Tesla. The guy appears to be a modern day Edison in terms of his imagination and inventions, while at the same time a pretty slick promoter of his company and himself. The solar shingles could absolutely be a game changer. But he announced that orders would be taken in April and it’s now May and we have no more information than was given at the well orchestrated and promoted announcement last fall. Perhaps Tesla is correct in its approach to tease the market well before a product is actually available (not just solar shingles but more affordable mass-produced automobiles). But it seems that every time I read an online comment that is critical of Tesla or Elon Musk it is followed by a barrage of posts indicating that the critic is undoubtedly motivated by an ulterior motive such as holding a short position on the stock or working for a competitor. While there may be critics with less than pure motives behind their posts, there very well might be defenders of… Read more »