Two Tesla Model X SUVs Spotted – Video


Pair Of Tesla Model X SUVs Spotted

Pair Of Tesla Model X SUVs Spotted

First there was one, now there are two.

We believe that this is the first time that two Tesla Model X SUVs haven been spotted trailing each other on a public road.

According to Tesla, the first Model X SUVs will be delivered to buyers in less than two months.

These early mules still exhibit some misalignment issues, but production models will surely be up to Tesla’s current quality standards.

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How does InsideEVs know Tesla ‘will surely’ solve the still present misalignment issues in less than two months?

Brandon Wood

…because they would be laughed out of the industry if they released a product with such poor door misalignment.

Micke Larsson

They would surely have kept postponing the manufacturing and delivery dates even more if they had nod solved it.

They have been buying themselves some more time with the “we don’t have the sub-contractors ready for mass production of parts”-routine. But they could of course have done a lot more to buy time if needed.

The big worry will not be if they can get them aligned and working properly when sold and delivered, that they will surely do. The worry will be how long the doors work as they should and stay aligned, it might be a real big problem for Tesla in a year or two or so.


Where does says that they have less then two mounts to solve this problem? That prototype could have been built for several month ago and it’s solved now then they have the new line working. Even if you see this car with the same mistake the day after they have realise the final product that is perfect doesn’t mean that they have managed to go back in time from the moment then you saw it to the time when the first car is built.



For all we know, these cars are used solely for power train testing… In which case, who cares if the falcon doors aren’t perfect?

Three Electrics

Tesla should avoid showing substandard vars in public–it undermines confidence in the final product, and is just embarrassing.


Frankly, I doubt anyone is going to care what the pre-production test units looked like, as long as the production units look fine.

Does any auto review magazine or website do reviews of pre-production test cars? I don’t think so. Of course, they do publish “spy photos” and “sneak peeks”, but those only stir up interest in a car; nobody makes an actual buying decision based on spy photos. Or at least, I hope nobody is making a buying decision before seeing an actual production car! And I’m talking about all cars, not just Tesla’s.


“Does any auto review magazine or website do reviews of pre-production test cars? I don’t think so.”
They sometimes do, and not just of exotic cars one would argue aren’t mass-production either.


Thanks for the info, wavelet. I stand (well, sit) corrected.


A “Test Car” with flaws is a not embarrassing ROFL


What’s embarrassing is your views if you think the final production car is going to be misaligned.




The falcon door design is similar to T-top bodies which requires chassis reinforcements to keep the body from twisting when going over speed bumps or the rocky, rutty dirt road up to the summer cabin. Also under hard acceleration which the X will be capable of having.

The closed falcon door becomes a structural member between the front and the rear of the body. Body twisting would put a good amount of stress on the hinges and latches, and I can only imagine the difficulty in getting the doors right so rattles, creaks, squeaks, wind noise, water leaks, etc. are eliminated.

And then setting up the assembly line for mass production of this door at a high level of quality — it’s beyond a headache….

Three Electrics

It’s possible these cars are part of an experiment to determine how much the doors warp over time in real world use. If so, it’s not encouraging.


Where’s the second X in video? I don’t think the car in front of the white model x is another x!


Amazing these models are on the road this late. The production-intent models should be road-testing by now.


Testing production intent X will be up to the first buyers πŸ˜‰


Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on. With the Model S, they paraded around the Alphas and the Betas…overall fairly transparent.

Granted, the Model S was their first fully in-house car, and production on the Roadster was winding down, so they probably felt the need to show stuff to the public and to reassure the shareholders that they were, in fact, making progress.

Maybe the handling of the Model X progress is the sort of thing that we can expect from Tesla from now on – at first, parade around an Alpha to garner interest, then go silent until production starts years later.

George Bower

Late Late late

How far can they miss their bogey.

If they don’t ship a fair number of the Model X’s this year the stock will get hammered.


I think the English saying is, “Better late, than never.” The Model S was also late, and many acknowledge that the vehicle was all the better for the delays and improvements that resulted from the extra time.

And the truth is– American Automakers would NEVER give you anything like the Model X, unless someone else took the risk, forged the right path, and did it first.

George Bower

Tesla is an American auto maker.


I strongly believe that the Model X will ship before the first promised delivered date for the Model E/3. It’s only 2 or so years late now.

Micke Larsson

It’s already passed the original delivery date of the Model 3/E so the X will definitely not be delivered before that. πŸ™‚

Paul Hanson

It is pretty ugly. Does anyone think that is a $100k car? It lis not a SUV, more like a tall sedan, but a cheap Korean variant. If it cost $35k it would make sense. I guess they expect people to lust for those doors.


There’s much more to it than that!

Besides, I think the Panamera and the Cayenne look like hell, but that doesn’t stop Porsche from charging an arm and a leg, and it doesn’t stop people from buying them.


I may be one of a very small group, but I think the Panamera is a nice looking car. It it was a BEV with comparable specs as the Model S, I think it would be real competition.


Snark, much?


This is Tesla, not Kia


Ugly? It just looks like a sleek egg. Nothing amazing but the beauty is in the functionality. It will be a reasonably big car with ample space inside yet have a great drag coefficient.

No one has made a big EV yet but Tesla is delivering.


Agreed. Looks like those modern day Aztec equivalents: BMW 3/5 series GT

Yes, I’m looking at you BMW.. those things are horrid! Stop making my eyes burn.


I humbly offer that the MX will look different than what they’ve been parading around, how much is open to question, but noticeably different from the mules (not just the camouflage).


Well, as far as we can tell, neither are production-ready models. The side mirrors (not tiny cameras) means that they are not prototypes.

One or both could be Alphas, but the darker one (which wasn’t seen until more recently) could be a Beta (refinement and crash-testing stage).

If the darker one is a Beta, then the exterior lines, etc., are what the production model will look like. If the darker one is the one that was caught at a supercharger a few weeks ago, then there is a better view of it in that earlier post.


I can’t imagine how useful that 3rd row is, considering how much that roofline tapers off. It’s difficult to say without seeing the interior.


Pictures have been posted. Photos of people seated in the third row, with the rear door open, look like there is restricted leg room (see link below). But then, you can say the same about restricted rear seat leg room in most cars smaller than “luxury sized”.

Also, I think there are enough comments re restricted headroom under the sloping roof line, to say that seems to be the consensus.

I admit I’m puzzled that anyone would design a CUV or SUV with a roof line that slopes back like that at the rear. I realize it helps wind resistance and therefore EV range, but if the car has three rows of seating for adults (as opposed to the Model S, with the optional rear-facing seats which are child-sized) then it should maintain head space all the way back.

Still, what do I know? Tesla says they’ve been getting Model X reservations even faster than they originally got Model S reservations, so perhaps Tesla understands the market it’s aiming for better than I do. That would hardly be a surprise; after all, that’s their job.


Dude 6 foot guys sat in and got up out the 3rd row seats at the X reveal no problem 2 years ago


There are only 2 seats in that 3rd row, so that helps.


I drive that part of 101 all the time. Why can’t I spot a Model X?! πŸ˜‰

Craig Capurso

you people are funny we know the big three NEVER put out a knowingly defective product ???????


People walking across bridges occasionally commit suicide by jumping off. Does that mean the next time you see someone walking across a bridge, it’s reasonable for you to conclude he or she is likely to do the same?

Mister G

GO TESLA GO…Get r done