Two New Tesla Model 3 Images Emerge From Golden Gate Photo Shoot



Two additional images have emerged from a recent Tesla Model 3 photo shoot in the Golden Gate bridge area.

These images come from an area along the headlands (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) of Marin County, just north of San Francisco.

The Model 3 prototype was there for some promotional footage for Tesla.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Below are the previously released images from the same photo shoot.

Tesla Model 3 - Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Tesla Model 3 – Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Tesla Model 3 - Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Tesla Model 3 – Image Via Datcode on Imgur

First two images via ‎Detlef Knobloch‎ in Tesla Model 3 Facebook Group

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It looks so good on the outside.. I just wished it looked better on the inside.

It’s a prototype, sheesh. Why do you think Motor Trend was not allowed to shoot the interior when they had access?

I wish you looked better on the inside.

David, you do understand that there is an entire second release planned, because Tesla expressly stated that they had not completed all of the design when they did the initial release, right?

I really like the minimalistic interiors of both the Model 3 and the i3. I would definitely trade all of the dash controls for a flat-screen console, especially if it reduced the cost and complexity of the vehicle.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but modern cars are way too cluttered with buttons, levers, gauges and knobs that break and are distracting.

There are certainly a lot of car reviewers who agree with you; who rave about the giant touchscreen in Tesla’s cars replacing all those buttons and knobs.

But reviewers also seem to like buttons added to the steering wheel, and stalks attached to those.

Seems like cognitive dissonance to me, but perhaps that’s a case of “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.”

At any rate, you can certainly see comments from a vocal minority posted here on InsideEVs; people who prefer the touch and feel of actual buttons and knobs, rather than virtual ones.

One can’t argue with the utility of using a touchscreen for upgrading virtual knobs, though. An over-the-air software upgrade can add a feature to a Model S or X (and soon the Model ≡) with a controlling virtual knob. Kinda hard to add actual analog buttons and knobs with an OTA update!

I’m a fan of the minimalist thing too, but *really* Tesla should be doing a lot more on the voice control side of things. It’s, frankly, complete pants on the S compared with how good iPhone’s Siri has got. Having to take your eyes off the road to do basic things really is a bit daft especially when the cost to make it all voice controllable would be relatively minimal.

If it helps them hit the $35K target price, I’m fine with the minimalist dash. A HUD, the center console, and some air vents are all I need.

Wait . . . I’ve got it!

They should put a place to store and charge (wired or wireless) your phone right in front of the steering wheel. Then, when you get in your car and plug in your phone, your phone can fire up an app that can serve as a dash for those that really want a dash. The car can send data to the phone via bluetooth and the app can display the data (charge, speed, heading, etc.).

If they weren’t planning this, they should now.

I absolutely love minimalism and would love to see it stay as simple and spacious feeling as possible. But I can absolutely see that many will consider it sterile or unattractive. Really eager to see the final design.

“Promotional images from Tesla?”

Is Elon going to do ads now?

Define “Ad”…

Lol. So true!

To hit their sales targets…I think they may start doing some traditional advertising…

But who knows. Tesla has never really done what I, or anyone, thinks the will/could/should. That’s why I love them.

They just need to build to current reservation needs first. That will keep them busy for a couple years.

True Dat!

John said:

“To hit their sales targets… I think they may start doing some traditional advertising…”

Some of the things Tesla has done to promote sales have really surprised me, in that they seem to be going to great lengths to promote sales while avoiding using traditional advertising, or even Internet ads such as paid banner ads.

For example, the recent offering of a lower-priced entry level S60 certainly seems intended to promote sales, at the cost of a lower profit margin on such cars.

“Tesla has never really done what I, or anyone, thinks the will/could/should. That’s why I love them.”

It certainly makes Tesla an interesting company to watch!

This whole article is a Tesla advertisement, don’t you know that?

Holy sh*t! I looked it up, and found out Elon is a CAPITALIST!

That looks great. Good looking car

They should do a Minority Report styled ad campaign!

I like the matte black one more, makes the lights look cooler, silver is ok, but not as nice.

I worry about that huge glass roof. Especially in view of the recent problems with the Model X and its big windshield.

Creating a huge air conditioning load in an EV is not a good idea.

Hear, hear!

I really hope someone in a position of authority at Tesla is taking note of such concerns.

You’ll get similar window shades that are now available for the Model X…


For a nominal fee of $110.00!!!

On a car with a base price of $83k.

The Model 3 and Model S are two different products, with individualized price points.

Such shades only solve part of the problem. They reduce the blinding light and the direct rays. But the shade itself will heat up and heat up the cabin thus creating air conditioning load.

Exactly. For those of us living where it actually does get hot in the summer, not merely warm: this is treating the symptom, not the cause.

*Read using a Russian Accent*

In new Climate Paradigm, EVERYWHERE gets hot. 😉

But seriously, fabric mesh isn’t going to re-radiate a lot of heat back into the cabin.

“Below are the previously released images from the same photo shoot.”

This seems to imply that these are actual photos of actual cars. Perhaps photos were taken in the spot, perhaps using actual Model ≡ prototypes as a “stand-in” in the pictures, but I’d bet money that the images of the cars seen in all these pictures are computer renders, just like all cars seen in all modern ads, whether on the Internet, on TV, or in magazines.

You can’t get a real car to look impossibly perfect. That can only be achieved with a computer render.

Agreed. But if you can’t tell if it is a simulation or reality, why does it matter? 🙂

Actualy, Tesla did a live Model 3 presentation, roll out, and test drives in a 5D Simulation Chamber!

For those that thought they sat in the car, you were given that Tesla Cool Aid before! It was all a Hollow Deck Experience on Captain Elons 1st Mars Colonizer Ship!

Or, it seems that is what you guys are serving up! Just lile the folks who asked if there will be pics of yhe Model 3 at Reveal. Elon says there will be pics, and folks start thinking…”Only Pictures at the reveal!”

I think you guys are the Ludicrous Mode on InsideEVs!

Why not check with the source – “Image Via Datcode on Imgur” as provided in the article?

That’s “Kool-Aid” and “holodeck”. (Hologram + deck = holodeck)

Sometime spelling does count, even on the Internet.

Correct! Sorry, it was a lunch break reply on my phone, and I am spoiled by large screens at home! Was a bit of a rush on the small screen. Spelling on the phone often gets messed up.

In any case, I don’t think those who did their test rides in this car considered it to be a rendered image, as suggested that this stories pics are!

MJP462 asked:

“But if you can’t tell if it is a simulation or reality, why does it matter? 🙂 ”

So you’re saying it doesn’t matter if you take the blue pill or the red pill? 😛

Both pills are simulations…

A Tesla Ad!!!

That really looks like a Porsche.

It’s got a hint of Wolfsburg in it, yes. 🙂

Put the bottle down now!


Just curious WHERE do pics like these official ones “emerge”? Link anyone?