Two GM EV1s Show Up In China

JAN 30 2014 BY JAY COLE 12

This EV1 Showing A Little More Wear That We Would Like To See For Such A Historic Piece

This EV1 Showing A Little More Wear That We Would Like To See For Such A Historic Piece (photo via CarNewsChina)

CarNewsChina has turned up a couple of abandoned GM EV1 in China, reported abandoned at a storage facility at the “National Electric Vehicle Experimental & Demonstration Area” near Shantow City in Guangdong Province.

When GM discontinued the EV program back in 2002, all cars out on lease where re-claimed – and subsequently destroyed, that is except for about 40 copies that went to museums and universities – all without activated powertrains (save one fully operational copy at the Smithsonian).

Of those 40 EVs, about 20 were sent overseas – apparently at least 3 went to China, with two of them ending up here.

Why So Many Gen 1 Toyota RAV4 EVs?

Why So Many Gen 1 Toyota RAV4 EVs? (photo via CarNewsChina)

As you can tell from the pictures (from CarNewsChina via Weibo users Xarng and SCTpumpkin who published the photos here and here), the EV1s – one green and one blue, are not in the best shape but still seem mostly intact other than some old/flat tires.

They are also riding very high on those tires, which would lead us to believe that the EV1’s 1,100+ lb packs have been removed.

There also appears to be a small fleet of Toyota’s first generation of RAV4 EVs that were originally made between 1997 and 2003, as well as a Citroen Berlingo EV van.

Check out more pics at CarNewsChina

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OMG – can’t China do what it does best? Copy them and start selling! I would buy one in a heartbeat.

They would copy it with lead acid batteries and 80k$ price tag. They aren’t yet good at thinking on their own.

Someone do a replica. Half weight. Done right it might sell pretty well today. And have significant symbolic value. But of course evil GM would have many suits doing their best to kill it.


I agree with the two first commenters. Why can’t someone put Li ion in these and show what getting close to correct can do?

I think China will do this work these cars and put them into production and then GM will really have a self made monster on their hands. It would be wild to see a working EV-1 with double it’s old range and half it’s old battery weight.

They should stick a Volt T-pack in there. I bet they could get 70 miles of range.

Actually thinking about it more that should be easily doable since Gen2 EV1 had 18.7kWh and could go over 100 miles. The Volt’s pack is lighter and there’s no RE weight. Maybe it would be better to put a Spark EV battery in there (if it fits). That would be some crazy range.

Elon Musk has clout and money. China wants him to build a factory over there,
which gives him leverage. He bought the famous Lotus submarine, why not
buy one of these ( or both ) EV-1s?

If he loaded them with modern batteries would GM go after him? Probably.

I’m really down on GM lately. I just wish they’d get off the schneid and really do
something other than pass off the Volt as a “niche halo”. GM can outdo Prius,
they can build an EREV pickup truck like VIA. They can put their money where
their mouths are and do the skateboard 200 mile BEV.

I’m really sick of their talking and wanting them to lead. Maybe they can start
by making a decent hybrid….?

volt is the true definition of a “hybrid”….. electric and gas, and is the best one on the market

Those units look to be riding quite high on their suspensions. I think they lack the battery and probably the other electric components.

Isn’t that the batteries sitting on the ground just right of the car?