Video: Volkswagen XL1 Goes First In New Series Of Fully Charged

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The Volkswagen XL1, a fuel-sipping diesel plug-in hybrid, is the first car featured in the new series of Fully Charged.

Here is how Robert Llewellyn described the XL!:

“A test drive in the extraordinary, ‘the most fuel efficient production car in the world’ according to VW. Weighing just 795 kg and with it’s super aerodynamic design the car’s official fuel consumption is 313mpg with 21g/km which is fairly impressive.”

“From my brief experience with the XL1 I’m confident you could get over 400 without much effort.”

“Also, I said they were making 200 of them, that’s a mistake, it’s actually 250.”

Production is highly limited to just 250 cars, but with a price of $145,000, this low production figure is to be expected.

EV mode, thanks to a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, can last for up to 31 miles.

More specification data on the ultra-efficient XL1 can be found in here in one of our previous reports.

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Nice to finally see an automaker implement a zero-regen driving mode, as some of us are getting tired of constantly kicking the ‘shift’ lever into Neutral. Now, stick in a larger battery pack and get rid of the diesel and with the XL1’s super-aerodynamics we’d have a long-distance BEV that would surpass the Tesla. Hopefully more manufacturers start paying serious attention to aerodynamics for their EVs, as that may result in a lower-cost range improvement than simply piling on more batteries. Oh, and give us a fingertip paddle for controlling regen.

For $145k, I would rather have a P85 Tesla Model S and a Nissan Leaf SL Premium, HPWC and 30 amp EVSE and I would still have money left over…