TV Ratings Show Formula E Is More Popular Than Formula 1 In North America

NOV 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

2015/2016 FIA Formula E Championship. Putrajaya ePrix, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Saturday 7 November 2015.

2015/2016 FIA Formula E Championship. Putrajaya ePrix, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Saturday 7 November 2015.

According to Apex Racing PR, the new FIA Formula E Championship, which entered its second season, already attracted more U.S. viewers on TV than Formula 1.

That’s pretty suprising, because the series is new and the electric car market is still in infancy.

“The Nielson ratings demonstrated that the Putrajaya ePrix coverage on FOX scored a 1.2 overnight rating for the replay on Sunday afternoon – a higher rating than any F1 race achieved this year in the US, with the Monaco Grand Prix drawing a peak rating of 1.1 as the most watched race.

The live broadcast of the Putrajaya race on FOX drew 60,000 viewers, despite its early morning billing. It is believed that the Sunday replay of the race received a boost in viewers owing to the NFL game that preceded it.

In contrast, NASCAR drew a 2.6 overnight rating, its highest of the year to date, while the much-billed MotoGP title showdown generated an average of 130,000 viewers on Sunday morning on Fox Sports 1, according to”

Popularity should improve with upcoming races in 2016, one of which will be held in the U.S. (Long Beach, USA – April 2).  Mexico City has also recently been added to the schedule.

Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, said:

“It’s huge news to receive these sort of TV figures in the US. North America is a key market for Formula E with burgeoning sales of electric vehicles and growing support from fans. We hope to see Formula E continue to expand in America and we look forward to returning for the Long Beach ePrix in April next year.”

Source: Apex Racing PR

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So is it for North America or the US? I know F1 is not popular in the US but having Carlos Sainz Jr. in the F1 should attract lots of viewers in Mexico.

I meant Sergio Perez of course. 🙂

Article needs to be updated. The TBD race will now be in Mexico City.

Americans have short attention spans, ok?

Will it really be on Fox? I thought it was on one of the pay channels, fox sports 1 or fox sports 2. It would be awesome if its broadcast on regular channels.

I was surprised to stumble across a Formula E race while channel surfing, and I’ve even got all of the sports-only channels erased from my channel list! And yeah, I think it was on a Fox channel.

So at least that one Formula E race was not pay-per-view; I can’t speak to any future ones.

The Canadian ePrix will be for the 3rd season, starting in September 2016 [persistent rumour]

It would be even more popular without that stupi “fanboost” gimmick, that is the opposite of what racing should be about.

I didn’t know what “Fanboost” was when I was watching the race the other day; all I knew was that it was something annoying that kept flashing on the screen and covering up all too much of the picture.

Now that I’ve read up on it and know what it is… Wow! What an astoundingly stupid way to sabotage genuine competition between drivers and cars. Winning a race shouldn’t be decided by — or even influenced by — a popularity contest!

Unless you want to gain popular adhesion, of course!
Social media is powerful and trying to use it is fair business, I would think.
It might change if the e Formula gain mainstream public.

Orlando or Tampa Florida will make great formula E race locations.