Tucson, Arizona Draws Up Offer For Tesla Giga Factory


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Rendering “Gigafactory”

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The 4 state decision on where the Gigafactory would be.

Tesla Motors needs a home for its $5 billion, 1,000 acre “Gigafactory” which will produce lithium-ion batteries for up to 500,000 electric Tesla per year and create 6,500 jobs.

There are 4 contenders for the Gigafactory location: Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Recently, Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson Arizona provided Tesla with an offer for a location for the Gigafactory.  Rothschild stated that there is access to the Interstate and Union Pacific Mainline at the site he proposed to Tesla.

Out of the 4 competing states, Arizona was reportedly the first to draft up an offer for Tesla.

Rothschild stated:

“But I can say I look forward to meeting with Tesla officials and impressing them with what we have to offer.  Tesla’s founder wants to put men on Mars and power the world with solar. All our efforts in the state ought to be to bring Tesla to Tucson.”

“We are the home to the Mars exploratory mission at the University of Arizona and known nationally as the Solar City.  I think Tesla will feel right at home in Tucson.”

And as Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, who is running for Arizona Governor, stated:

“Arizona is on the short list for electric-car maker Tesla Motors’ $5 billion-dollar battery plant along with 6,500 high-value jobs. The move would complement Arizona’s aggressive push to make manufacturing a central component of our growing economy.”

“Regardless of where you might choose to locate within Arizona, you can be assured that infrastructure will be available to meet your needs.”

As of this point in time, there is no selected location on where the Gigafactory will eventually be located.

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If Tesla is smart they will set up a bidding war witch each of the contenders to see who will give Tesla the most money in reduced taxes, land grants, utility discounts, etc…

So this is just the beginning. What are the details? How much money is Arizona offering?

“Giggity” Factory. 😉


Bidding for the chosen location is newsworthy, but real news about the projects viability rests in the supply chain analysis.

Articles like this are more important about whether our EV hopes are to be realized. http://www.cnbc.com/id/101505280

Apologies if this cnbc analysis has been covered before and I happened to be asleep that day.

Also stunned to find from the cnbc article that we in Australia are the world’s second largest supplier of lithium cobalt – you wouldn’t know from any local discussion of potential manufacturing value add. Previously I thought our lithium was in a different form from that found in South America (very tight to mine and expensive)

I just can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring for electrified transportation. Exciting times!

Ironic that the same state wanting the gigaplant won’t allow Tesla to do direct car sales.

Ironic that access to railways would be a selling point for an electric car (battery) plant…