Turns Out Coda Sold Way More Electric Sedans Than We Thought! Recall Notice Says So

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It seems that we may have heavily underestimated Coda Automotive sales at only 78 copies of the Coda Sedan.

The new minimum number is a staggering 117 units – a full 50% higher then the previous mark we had Coda selling at (Okay. Okay. Yes, this is our own little evil joke!)

How do we know Coda sales are through the roof? Because NHTSA says that Coda Automotive must replace both side curtain airbags in 117 cars.

SUMMARY: CODA Automotive (CODA) is recalling certain model year 2012 CODA vehicles. The side curtain airbags may have been improperly rolled during production which could cause the airbag to not deploy as intended.

CONSEQUENCE: In the event of a crash necessitating side curtain airbag deployment, the side curtain airbags may fail to deploy as intended, increasing the risk of injury.

REMEDY:This recall supersedes a previous recall conducted by CODA, 12V-409. All owners, including owners involved in the previous campaign, will be notified and instructed to go to CODA dealers to have both side curtain airbags replaced free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin on, or about, June 11, 2013. Owners should contact their dealer for more information. CODA Automotive’s recall campaign number is R84002.

But isn’t Coda Holding in bankruptcy? Why yes, it most certainly is.  Will Coda be able to do the recall job from beyond the grave?

Anyways, now Coda has one more reason for rebirth (or to not rebirth).

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I feel pity for anyone who actually bought one of these cars. There weren’t nearly enough manufactured for any company to step up and offer support. So when these things break down, there will be no way to get them fixed.

So they only sold 117, and they still had a recall. I guess the silver lining, is that they only sold 117.

I wouldn’t feel too sorry. They still get more range than any factory built EV, except the $69K Tesla S. If I had one, i would pull out the defective side airbags, and save the weight! I don’t understand people who buy cars based on how well they crash.

Although the crash test result was 2 stars, the battery pack was not damaged. As far as getting this repair when (not if) it breaks, yeah, you’re going to have some problems. Good thing EVs are nearly maintenance-free.