Turkey’s ASELSAN Teams With IBM For Electric Car Batteries

DEC 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

IBM's Battery 500 Project

IBM’s Battery 500 Project

Turkish defense company ASELSAN signed a collaborative development agreement concerning research and development of metal-air battery technologies with IBM Research.

According to the press release, the goal is to increase the energy density 5 times and range to 800 km (500 miles), however IBM has been promising such a breakthrough for several years now and there is still a long way to go.

“Metal-Air Batteries to be developed will provide at least 5 times more storage capacity than current Li-Ion Batteries while preserving the same weight.  These Metal-Air batteries will deliver more storage capacity at a lower cost than existing batteries, which will significantly reduce the cost of energy.  Consequently, these new batteries will be a critical automotive component in resolving range issues for electric vehicles.  Today, a family car can scarcely travel 160 km (100 miles) using existing Li-Ion batteries, whereas the new Metal-Air technology batteries will increase this range up to at least 800 km (500 miles). “

It’s however interesting that the military sector began to work with metal-air technology, which probably means that someone out there is dreaming of an electric tank or maybe an electric fighter jet.

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No electric tank or fighter jet… it is needed to keep a fighter drone in the air

Current batteries can get you 250 miles. It is the cost that holds most cars to under 100 miles range. Hopefully metal air will do something for the cost as well, though it’s probably too early to be certain.

An electric ‘jet’…
Does that work by throwing batteries through the engine?
Would you set them on fire before entry or after exiting the engine?
Can’t see it catching on!