Turkey to Jump on Electric Vehicle Bandwagon Soon


Turkey is gearing up for an electric vehicle boom.

Still the Wrong Turkey

Still the Wrong Turkey

According to a report released by research analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, only 190 electric vehicles were sold in Turkey in 2012, but in 2020, 44,654 EVs are expected to be sold in Turkey.

44,654 is one heck of a precise figure.  That figure is based on EV sales in Turkey growing at a compound annual growth rate of 98.9 percent.

What will lead to the EV boom in Turkey?  Here’s what Frost & Sullivan says:

“Twelve OEMs are expected to launch their EV models in next five years. In terms of public charging stations, the country had 160 in 2012 and 120,000 more are expected to be installed by 2020.”

12 OEMs in Turkey…Can’t say we saw that one coming, but we’ll take it.

What we do see coming is more and more countries around the world are getting in on the EV action.  Soon, EVs will truly be global and that’s an achievement worthy of celebration.

There We Go... That's the Right Turkey

There We Go… That’s the Right Turkey

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Lots of traffic & hills in Istanbul. EV’s are good w/traffic, but not so much with hills.

There are lots of hills and traffic in San Francisco, and EV’s are doing fine here!