Tuned BMW i8 Cranks Out Over 400 Hp – Video


BR-Performance now offers two stages of tune for the BMW i8.

The Stage 1 tune, described as a “safe” tune, takes the BMW i8 to 400 HP combined, up from stock at 362 HP. Torque increases too from the stock rating of 420 pound-feet to 479 pound-feet.

Tuned BMW i8

Tuned BMW i8

The Stage 2 tune takes it even further, but BR-Performance notes that this tune isn’t as “safe”.

Stage 2 figures are 428 HP and 530 pound-feet of torque.

Pricing for Stage 1 is listed at 890 Euros. Pricing for the Stage 2 upgrade has yet to beĀ announced yet.


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Just think for less money you can buy a P90DL that laughs at both of these tuning levels- including the ‘unsafe’ one.

Again, why would someone buy an i3??

I think you meant to type i8, not i3. But I would imagine the reason is for the looks.

What does an i3 have to do with this story?
But plenty of reasons someone might want to buy an i3 over a Tesla.

1. The most EPA efficient EVs in the country compared to one of the lowest EV cars.

2. Much easier to park in smaller spaces.

3. Much more maneuverable in tight city situations such as U Turns.

4.Much more innovative construction with CFRP. See Munro and Associates video calling the i3 the most advanced vehicle they have ever seen.

5.Much lower purchase price.

6. More environmentally sustainable manufacuring techniques.

7. Unique interior and exterior design.

The “tuning” is only for gas portion. Electric is the same. Then why even bother? Just get a Corvette.

That is some damn sneaky advertising.

Tell them it is too powerful to be “safe”, and they will line up with checkbook in hand šŸ™‚

I would have thought that the meaning of ‘safe’ in this context is referring to the possibility of the engine blowing or not blowing up. Not on the likelihood of whether you’ll spill the coffee in the cup in the cup holder over your leg in an unsafe way…

Thought it was a boring commercial.