TTAC Reviews Volkswagen e-Golf – Video


“The Volkswagen Golf has long been available with gasoline and diesel engines. Now you can also buy it with an electric motor. But should you? Watch our review to find out.”

States the video description.

This The Truth About Cars review of the Volkswagen e-Golf is perhaps the most comprehensive e-Golf review we’ve ever seen.  So, if you’re interested in the e-Golf, then this is a must-watch video review.

Volkswagen e-Golf Review

Volkswagen e-Golf Review

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It’s sorta cool, though creepy, with the reverse facing for the commentary while driving. I think this guy is a decent reviewer, of course Tesla is the premium ev in the land but if you place affordable in front of ev then they would be excluded. No mention of the Leaf either?

He reviewed the Leaf a few years ago, but seems to like the Focus EV and Soul EV better.

The egolf is not 3100 lbs. It’s 3391 lbs

Alex is an exceptional car reviewer, and this review is no different.

The e-Golf’s numbers (weight, power, battery, range, acceleration, and interior room) are almost identical to the Leaf’s. The enhances B mode is nice.

The Soul EV is probably the best one in this class (as he mentions), but both it and the e-Golf are compliance cars, so they’re unavailable to most of the US.