TSportline Takes Delivery Of Not One, Not Two, But Three Model 3s – Video

2 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 15

This may be the largest single delivery of Tesla Model 3s to date.

Tesla tuner TSportline recently took delivery of three Model 3s at the Tesla Delivery Center in Marina Del Rey.

TSportline Picks Up Three Tesla Model 3s

How TSportline managed to get three at once is unknown. But with the trio now in the tuning firms possession, you can bet we’ll see all sorts of aftermarket bits fitted to these vehicles in the coming months. A lot of those featured bits and pieces will soon be available for purchase too, so you’ll want to keep an eye on TSportline if modding your Model 3 is something you plan on doing.

Video description:

“The World’s First Tesla Tuner takes delivery of three Tesla Model 3s at the Tesla Delivery Center, Marina Del Rey.”

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15 responses to "TSportline Takes Delivery Of Not One, Not Two, But Three Model 3s – Video"

  1. Lamata says:

    Yea, They’ll modify them & mess them Up, Rest Assured ..There is nothing better than Factory Original ….For Me., I’ll get my Options From the Factory when the car is being Built……

    1. Loboc says:

      Bah. That’s no fun.

      1. Lamata says:

        Not for Us older guys, it’s too much hassle & expense modifying stuff …lmao …cheers

        1. georgeS says:

          How much tuning do they really do? I thought they were just little accessories and nothing big time like getting better 0-60 times.

          1. georgeS says:

            yeh just went to website. about all I see are lowering springs

          2. DL says:

            They’re basically just Pep Boys with a higher price, not a “tuner”.

            1. Lamata says:

              +1 ….lmao ..They Just can’t leave well enough alone ….

            2. floydboy says:

              Go to their site, look at some of the cars they worked on. Pep Boys they ain’t.

          3. Lamata says:

            They can Black Out all that Nice Chrome . That should make it go faster!..lmao .

  2. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

    They should post videos on how to wire power from the front 12V battery to the back and tap high impedance audio out from the atereo for my Zapco amps and 2 12″ Sundown Subwoofers.

    1. Lamata says:

      Yea ! So that you can Shake The Asphalt off the Road Surfaces …lol..

  3. Clive says:

    Were those other two for his daughters ⁉️

  4. Dale says:

    Let’s let those people that never had a tesla get there’s

    1. floydboy says:

      Don’t worry, if they’re patient, they’ll get THEIRS.

  5. bucricket says:

    model 3 hogs!

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