T Sportline Shows Off Tesla Model 3 Project Vader – Video


It’s the matte black Tesla Model 3 shown in prototype form back in 2016.

Okay, maybe not. But it sure is close.

This stealthy black Model 3 comes to us via Tesla Tuner Tsportline, who states “World’s First Satin Black Model 3: Project Vader Walkthrough.”

It’s perhaps the sickest Model 3 we’ve seen yet, provided all black is to your liking.

There’s an extensive list of modifications, which you can check out below:


● 3M Full Body Wrap in Satin Black 

● 3M chrome Black Out in Gloss Black 

● T Emblem (Front & Rear) painted in Gloss Black

● Custom painted Brake Calipers in Gloss Red 

● 3M Crystalline tint 70% (windshield / glass roof) / 40% (driver and passenger side windows, rear hatch window) 

Wheels & Suspension: 

● TST 19” wheels 19×8.5” front & rear in Gloss Black. 

● Uses Pirelli P Zero Nero GT 235/40-19″ in factory 19″ tire size, original factory lug nuts, original factory TPMS, and accepts factory center caps.

● Lug Nut Cover Set


● Custom Leather Interior Kit – White Leather, Black Suede Model 3 logo and Perforated Insert.

● Matte Carbon Fiber Dash Trim. 

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So where is the port out of which a lightsaber will be ejected on command, as Luke’s lightsaber popped up out of R2D2 in “Return of the Jedi”? 😉

That thing needs to be lowered. It looks horrible sitting so high.