TSportline Shows Off Carbon Fiber Seat Backs For Tesla Model X – Video


For those who just can’t leave anything stock, TSportline – makers of custom parts for Teslas, is showing off its new carbon fiber seatbacks for the Model X.

TSportline Carbon Fiber Seat Backs

According to TSportline, the seatbacks are available for all offered seating configurations on the X (5, 6 and &). Additionally, you can choose from matte or gloss carbon fiber to suit your tastes.

Video description:

“Carbon Fiber Seatbacks bring a perfect match your factory carbon fiber décor. Available in 5, 6 and 7 seat configurations in either matte carbon or gloss carbon. Affixes to your existing seatbacks and headrests. Manufactured in autoclaved carbon fiber for precision strength and fitment. *Front seatbacks also fit newer 2017 Model S Front Seats.”

For more on the Tsportline seatback, check out the maker’s website here.

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How about someone make a seat back that isn’t shiny and is actually useful with a pocket that can store books or something. Like practically every other car Manufacturer out there…

Well said.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the Model X’s shiny seat backs, so shiny that reportedly even small scratches and scuff marks are easy to see. So it make sense for an aftermarket supplier to offer covers for those seat backs.

But there are also a lot of complaints about those seat backs not having a large pocket for maps etc. Why didn’t this supplier increase his market by offering a fix for both problems in the same product?

How about a carbon fiber hood and trunk?