TSportline Shows Modified Tesla Model S P100D – Video


The high profile interior conversion might not to everyone’s liking, but that doesn’t mean that some won’t still enjoy this overall custom TSportline Tesla Model S P100D.

For our money, the Black (with dark purple accents) modification option (video below) is a better fit.

TSportline Exterior

Video description:

“T Sportline can take your Model S and turn it into a luxurious sporty mid-size sedan fitting of a vehicle that can achieve 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds.”

Below is the extensive list of modifications to the vehicle featured in the video:


● 3M Crystalline tint 70% / 40% (front windshield, side windows, panoramic roof, rear window)

Wheels & Suspension

● TS115 21” forged wheels 21×9.0” front 21×9.5” rear finished in Gloss Black. Approximately 27% lighter than Tesla factory 21” turbine staggered wheel set.

● Uses original Michelin PS2 245/35-21 265/35-21 factory tire set, original lug nuts, original TPMS and accepts factory center caps.


TSportline Interior

● Bespoke interior – 5 hides of Ferrari Rosso leather. Contrast black stitching.

● Signature Signature Quilted door inserts and seats.

● Gloss carbon fiber steering wheel with Ferrari Rosso leather sides and contrast black stitching

● Airbag cover dyed to match Ferrari Rosso leather

● Dyed speaker grilles to match Ferrari Rosso leather.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Seatbacks.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Dash Trim.

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That car cost enough that a customer shouldn’t need to resort to an after market interior and spend all that Extra Cash to have an interior that should of been standard from the Factory .

Perhaps you can point the discerning EV performance sedan enthusiast to a car with the same level of technology/range but a “better” interior. Oh wait…

As per always… You are paying for the powertrain and investing in the company’s future. Seems simple to understand to me.

Tesla is a tech company. Not a luxury company focused on using the finest animal skins and tree barks around the world for the interior of their cars.

Go buy a Mer-Gay-Des Benz if you want that.

Nice! That cost a bit of the coin of the realm.

It looks nice inside and outside.

Uggh… puke orange interior. Ruined.

Unfortunately dead animal skin is used. The color is also not the best for me but it looks definitely unique and more luxurious than the normal Tesla seats.

As I say, dead animal skin is better than live animal skin. Much less noisy.

When they are good, why can’t they make a nice back seat with an armrest, cupholders, storage and adjustable headrests?? The poor backseat comfort is the reason not to buy a Tesla yet.